Tom Mix

Tom Mix was a mega star during the depression of the 1930s earning 20,000 a week. Mix was still a big star when he died in a car crash in 1940.

Western Movie Hats

Since the Dawn of Cinema the Western has been the greatest ongoing saga in film history.

The first true motion picture was a western (naturally!) made by Thomas Edison’s Company in 1903, called The Great Train Robbery.

With the debut of the brilliant remake of the classic western: True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld, and Matt Damon the Western Movie has marked more than a century of substantiating the iconic status of the Cowboy and the Western Story.

Hand Made Movie Hats from The Last Best West

For more than 60 years many of the best western dramas have been filmed in and around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A great example is AMC’s outstanding new western series, Hell on Wheels, most of which was filmed within an hour’s drive of where we are in The Last Best West.

Other powerful western dramas like River of No Return, Unforgiven, Legends of the Fall, Open Range, Crossfire Trail, Monte Walsh, Lonesome Dove (the series), Broken Trail, Speilberg’s mini-series, Into the West, and the Brad Pitt western The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, are just a few of the dozens of westerns that have been filmed here.

You’ve worn the rest – now own the best!

Authentic Designs from The Last Best West

We take our western heritage seriously and work hard at preserving the qualities that made it great. Our custom hats are made the old west way – one at a time, and we believe if you want that perfect western movie hat – you should be able to get the same looking hat that the character wore.

Tom Harte Hat

Tom Harte Hat in 20X pecan Beaver fur-felt with matching hatband and bound edge

Thomas Haden-Church

Thomas Haden-Church crafts as fine a cowboy hero as you’ll find and standouts as Tom Harte in HBO’s, Broken Trail.

Broken Trail (2006) from HBO starts off as a pretty simple story.

An uncle {Robert Duvall} wants to fix things between his dead sister and her estranged son {Thomas Haden-Church}.

Prentice Ritter takes his nephew and 500 fine horses north to sell to a horse broker for a big profit, of which Tom Harte stands to get a share.

Very little goes smoothly, and after the men liberate some newly arrived young Chinese women from a life in a brothel, their situation takes a turn for the dangerous. It’s compelling story telling, in the hands of a master director, Walter Hill. Filmed in The Last Best West the scenery is spectacular and the acting stellar, and the story never tires from the telling. Good men standing up and doing the right thing.

Eastwood as Josey Wales

The Outlaw Josey Wales,is a gritty and realistic western movie, and Josey’s gun leather and clothing is true to the era and the character.

Josey Wales Western Movie Hat

Our version of the Josey Wales has a bound brim edge and a satin ribbon and bow for the hat band, with the cav cord slid over it.

Outlaw Josey Wales

A classic western movie from 1976

What a movie. Even if you’ve watched The Outlaw Josey Wales 50 times, the give and take between Josey and Ten Bears, near the movie’s end, still moves you.

Canadian, Chief Dan George, has a memorable supporting role, and Eastwood has often said this is his favorite western.

For every Fancy Dan that was vain about their attire like: Bill Hickok, Bill Cody, Bat Masterson, and Luke Short, there were ten thousand that dressed for comfort and function like Josey Wales.

Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is. – Josey Wales

Tom Horn hat

The crown creasing of this hat is close to the Augustus, but it’s the hand shaped brim that gives this movie hat its unique character and look.

McQueen as Tom Horn

Steve McQueen as old west bounty hunter, Pinkerton Agent, and ultimately, outlaw, Tom Horn

Tom Horn

A Steve McQueen western from 1980

Realistic and gritty this dark, foreboding western has McQueen playing the tragic old west figure of Tom Horn.

Hired by the leading citizens of a county to eradicate rustling, Horn goes about his business too efficiently, making his employers nervous for their own safety.

When a local teenager is found shot dead, Horn is charged with the murder and left high and dry by his former friends.

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