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Common Hat Questions


Q: I’m looking for a ____ Hat. I checked your product catalog and didn’t see it. Can you make it?
A: In most cases yes, we can make our version of that hat. I’m sure you can appreciate it’s just not possible to show all the different variations of crowns and brims. If it’s made from fur-felt and you can supply us a good picture – yes we can generally make it. Most likely we already carry the same style of hat, we just shape it based on the photo or if it’s a movie hat we shape it from watching the movie and seeing the hat from all possible angles to get the look just so. We can do up to a 6″ (inch) high crown and a 5″ wide brim.

Q: I bought a good hat a few years ago, and haven’t worn it in a while, and now it seems like it has shrunk. Is that possible. Can a hat shrink?
A: This is likely one of the most common issues hat owners have. The hat itself doesn’t shrink, but the sweat band inside the hat can. When you wear a cowboy hat chances are you will sweat in it, which will get the leather sweat band wet, sometimes even really wet. Then the hat is taken off and not worn again for a week or 2 or maybe months. During this time the leather sweat band dries out, thus causing the leather to shrink slightly, causing the fit to tighten up. Generally wearing your hat for a day will stretch it out again, but if you have our hat retainer/stretcher– this little tool will either keep the size and fit correct, as the sweatband/hat dries, or stretch it out for comfort when the fit tightens. read more on cowboy hat care

Q: What’s the correct way to measure my head for a hat?
A:  The absolute best is visit your nearest mall and try sized hats on until you know your size and best fit  click here  for more detailed information.

Q: Can my hat size change?
A: Oddly enough it can. If you gain a lot or lose a lot of weight your hat size can change.

Q: Can I get the same style hatband that the original movie hat had?
A: If it’s a satin ribbon and bow, or plain leather; then yes. Other than that the answer is probably no. This is likely the hardest thing in replicating a movie hat because the costume designers/actor/director/ or perhaps all three came up with a very unique type of hat band to make the hat stand out above the crowd. We make our version of the hat, and you can choose between a plain leather hat band or a grosgrain ribbon and bow. Or choose any hatband that you may see on any of the hats in our product catalog.

Q: Do you have to put holes in the hat to put on a windstring?
A: Yes. It is to allow the latigo lace thru. It’s the original and best way to put on a windstring. You can buy commercial stampede strings that have clips that slip under the sweat band. We don’t like them. No holes but they mess the fit of the hat, and they don’t hold tight in a real strong wind. We know we’ve tried them.

Q: Can you mail me a catalog  of all your hats?
A: WE have NO print catalog ALL OUR HATS are listed here on our online catalog.

Q: What colors do you carry?
A: Starting with the lightest, here’s our colors

CHOCOLATE :: MOSS GREEN :: NAVY :: GRANITE :: CHARCOAL :: BLACK CHERRY :: BLACK   Click for more information.

Q: Why does the same color appear different in your hat pictures?
A: The difference in {indoors; outdoors; bright day or cloudy day} lighting accounts for the variance in color. In addition every computer will display colors slightly different. Please understand that color variances caused by individual computer monitors is beyond our control.


Cowboy Hat colors

Our Cowboy Hat colors


A typical beaver in his natural habitat: water.

Q: What is beaver fur-felt/what quality do you carry?
A: Beaver Fur felt is beaver and or rabbit fur mixed with felt to produce a material that lasts 5-10 times longer than wool felt. The reason is beavers have hair that is barbed at the end, like a fish hook. And because of this the beaver hair meshes in a very secure way as the rough hat bodies are formed.  This is the premium material from which to manufacture fine weather resistant hats.

Our end of the line fine hats, are made for working people and use beaver fur felt because it is the best for repelling rain and snow. Click here for more information.

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  • Samuel Jones Movie Hat

    Our version of the Samuel Jones Movie Hat - from The Missing The Samuel Jones Movie Hat is the one worn by Tommy Lee Jones, as Samuel Jones, a  white man turned Apache, who returns to his estranged daughter in time to try and rescue his grand-daughter from slave traders. Like the character there is nothing fancy about this hat, a simple open crowned cowboy hat with a bit of a pencil roll.
    • BRIM: 4" 1/2" Pencil roll, with a gentle hand roll - Bound.
    • Color: Pecan
    • Hatband: Satin Ribbon with bow, with matching bound edge.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
    • Hats ship in 6-8 weeks
  • There Will Be Blood Hat

    Our version of the Daniel Plainview hat  We show our There Will Be Blood Hat with a contrasting hat band and bound edge; Movie Hat is a Pecan color with a matching SRB and bound edge. If you wish a different color hat band and bound edge, from your hat color, please enter it in the PRODUCTION NOTES section as you build your hat below. Similar crown styles Wasey, Byron McCelroy, Conagher 250_white_filials
    • Crown 5 inches
    • Brim: 3"
    • Hatband: 1 1/2" grosgrain ribbon and bow.
    • Crown: modified Sagebrush
    • Brim: pencill rolled with a slight hand roll
    • Color Shown: Undyed natural with a chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon, bow, and bound edge.
    • Hats ship in 6-8 weeks
  • The classic Homburg dress hat from the 19th Century Our take on the Mister Howard Homburg Dress Hat is an authentic Milliner design from the 19th century and was worn all over the world. Hat is worn by Brad Pitt as Jesse James in the western character study, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
    • CROWN: 4 1/2 inches
    • BRIM: 3 inches
    • Hatband: 1 1/2" inch satin ribbon with bow.
    • Crown: Center Crease
    • Brim: Kettle Curl Bound
    • Available in ALL Colors
    • Color shown: Black
    • Hat ships in 6-8 weeks
  • Everett Hitch


    Everett Hitch

    Our version of the Everett Hitch Movie Hat - from Appaloosa {2008} This big hat could have been copied from our Hickok. Our Hitch hat has an extra wide brim with a kettle curl and hand rolled brim. If you wish a windstring, you can add it during the check out process.
    • Crown: 5" inches
    • Brim: 4 1/2"
    • Color Shown: Dyed Natural
    • Crown: Telescope
    • Brim: Pencil rolled; Hand worked -bound
    • Hatband: 1" Satin with bow
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
    • Hats ship in 6-8 weeks

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