Cowboy Movie Hats

Cowboy Movie Hats

Early Film Pioneer and Silent Film Star, William S. Hart, in a scene from Hell’s Hinges.

Old Fashion Quality from the Last Best West

You won’t find these western hats at your nearest mall. Many of the brim shapes or crowns may look familiar, may even be the same, but they are poor imitations, cookie-cutter designs; mass produced and available virtually anywhere.

Don’t follow the herd – strike out on your own with a classic custom western hat from The Last Best West. We take our western heritage seriously and work hard at preserving the qualities that made it great.

Our hats are made the old west way – one at a time – and we believe if you want that perfect western movie hat you should be able to get the same looking hat that the character wore.

We start with the best fur-felt hat body available – made in the USA – and fashion as fine a custom western hat as you can find.


Mini-Series and Cowboy Movie Hats

The epic mini series was arguably the most dominant form of story telling in the 1980s, when Network TV ruled the air waves. People were more than willing to watch 6-8 hours of television, spread out over 3-4 nights. The production values for the mini-series were just as impressive as those of feature films, the Networks got great ratings (mostly) and sponsors had millions of viewers for their products. This may be the only reason that Lonesome Dove has never been acclaimed as the greatest western ever filmed.

Augustus Custom Handmade Hat

Augustus Custom Handmade Hat

Lonesome Dove

Is the compelling story of 2 old Texas Rangers that are tired of living in a tame Texas town, and long for the frontier of their youth. They acquire a herd of cattle, gather up all their gear, and head north for Montana and the last of the western frontier with a motley collection of buckaroos and hangers on.

The story is powerfully acted and shows the majesty of the dangerous west, and the hardships that had to be overcome by the men and women of the day.

Augustus ~ Captain Call ~ Jake Spoon

The Lonesome Dove story is a bittersweet one, told over almost 400 minutes, allowing great character development for all the diverse story lines that eventually converge. The Best of the Best!

1866 Yellow Boy

The Winchester 1866 Sporting Rifle, one of the first large calibre lever action rifles. This was the rifle carried by Gus in Lonesome Dove


We were honored to be asked to reproduce the hat (modified Curly Bill), chaps (modified open range), and cartridge belt (our 3 inch), shown at right being worn by 1870s cowboy, Nat Love, for the Smithsonian Museum of American History, in Washington.

Nat love

Old West Cowboy, Nat Love

Hello Longfellow and Sonja!

Xavier Carnegie here, just writing to thank you for your amazing work on our gear pieces at the Smithsonian Institution for our program “Love on the Range,” featuring historic cowboy Nat Love. Everything you folks made, from the beautiful custom hat, to the leather chaps and gunbelt, have been fantastic.

Attached is a reenactment photo of the famous Nat Love photo I sent you months ago as the blueprint for the gear, with myself as the actor, which was taken by someone in our Media Department, and digitally manipulated for an 1800s effect. I submit it to you, with all the gratitude I can muster for your expertise and guidance in this process!

S. Xavier Carnegie
Theatre Programs’ Creative Director
Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Hat Liner

Our galloping cowboy logo is on all our last best west hat liners.

If it was made in the Past – it can be made in the Present, and Most questions regarding, “Can you make. . . .”  is yes.

If you’ve seen it in a movie, or have a picture of it – we can make it. Send us a picture of the cowboy movie hat you are looking for, and we will get you a quote.

Like the man said, a picture is worth a thousand words, so please send a picture along with your quote requests.

E-mail Sonja at service @ thelastbestwest .com/

From the BEAVER fur-felt hat bodies to the rest of the fixings you’d be hard pressed to find a better made cowboy movie hat anywhere. For any price. See what our clients say on our testimonial page :: Contact Us


Open Range

Kevin Costner’s cowboy movie, Open Range, has a different premise than many westerns of this type. In the old westerns, range wars erupted when farmers attempted to put up barb wire across open range.

In this movie Boss Spearman, Charley Waite and their 2 man crew are moving their herd of cattle across community range, and are denigrated as Free Grazers by the local cattle magnate.

Denton Baxter proceeds to try to steal their herd, and picks a fight with the cattlemen played by Costner and Robert Duvall.

Bad move.

Turns out Charley Waite is a reformed gun man fighting PTSD, with some psychological issues from his days as a hired pistol fighter. The final gunfight scenes are some of the best ever staged and one of the movie’s highlights.


3 inch cartridge belt

Appaloosa, (2007) one of the best westerns of the 21st century

The 2008 movie by Ed Harris; Appaloosa, is a fine movie with a different look at the western story. Highly entertaining, the restrained performance by Harris underscores the unwavering nature of Virgil Cole’s’ will. There are no gray areas in life, to Virgil Cole, and he approaches his role as Town Sheriff in this manner.

The story is told from Everett Hitch’s perspective, and not long into the movie, Everett appears to be the brains of the outfit. The movie also gives a powerful portrayal of how strong friendship can be, with Virgil and Everett supporting each other, in all situations. When the woman he loves tell’s Virgil that Everett lied, Virgil doesn’t even wait for Everett to respond, before he tells her in no uncertain terms, “No he didn’t.”

The movie has one of the better western endings, with Everett taking out the only impediment to his Virgils happiness and security, then quietly rides out of town and into the sunset.

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