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In 1900 there were 10 democracies in the World, by the year 2000 there were more than 190 countries that believed the way to a more prosperous and free life is through all that a democratic rule of law has to offer.


All our hand made leather holsters are made in America, and our Leather Master has been working with leather, hide and fur since 1978. For truly authentic, original gun leather you’ve come to the right place!

All sizes are in INCHES. All prices are in USD. Quality leather holsters for your semi-auto. 

ALL OUR HOLSTERS ARE LINED. Our gunbelt backs are suede so the belt stays where it is buckled and all holsters have a hammer tie down or strap for security.

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Made to order. Made to last. Made in America.


Leather Holster


A classic shoulder holster for a Semi Automatic

Adapted from a Texas pattern shoulder holster circa 1890. We have eliminated the chest strap and have secured the holster by using a strap and buckle that goes across your back, and over the opposite arm.

As well we have angled the holster towards the centre of your chest, allowing for quick access. Comes with extra mag pouch.

Instead of a hammer tie down, we have used a strap with a snap so all modern, hammerless, semi-automatics will be secure in the holster.

To secure the holster up and down we have a strap and buckle that loops over your pants belt. We have left lots of length to the straps so you can adjust it to fit comfortably.

Shown is our classic antique brown color, and we will custom make to fit the make and model and caliber of your sidearm. All production details are confirmed within one business day of your order being placed.


300_letter_suprbwl_225 300_supr_bwl_crowd_497Only a soldier truly knows the cost of Freedom and Democracy.

To show our support for Democracy we were proud to supply a pure beaver custom cowboy hat as a prize, at a Super Bowl party in Afghanistan in 2012. Hosted by the Americans, guests represented most of the coalition countries.


Colt 1911

This was the firearm that originated the classic “Locked and Loaded” phrase. Because of it’s unique palm and thumb safety the firearm is completely safe in the hammer back position.

Colt M1911

The Colt M1911 semi-automatic was revolutionary in it’s design, and within a few years of it’s inception in 1911 it was the side-arm of choice for all branches of the US Military right up till about 1985.

Even today several police forces, Special Forces units, Navy Seals, and Marine Commando units have the Colt 1911 as their side-arm of choice.

Every other semi-auto hand gun that came after is based upon this exceptional and functional design. The 1911 is very reliable and is easily field stripped and cleaned in minutes.


M1911 Western

Our hand-made leather holster is an open toed design, that gives it a definite western flavor, and the design allows for quick, “locked and loaded” draws.

The 1911 was designed by John Browning, for Sam Colt’s company and was featured in two classic westerns; The Wild Bunch, and The Professionals.

Shown in our signature Deadwood Brown color, and we custom make to fit the make, model and caliber of your sidearm. A great holster for anyone that shoots in the “Wild Bunch” category at SASS events.

Gun belt shown is billeted style; 2 1/2″ wide; with border edging, better buckle, and a couple of Morgan Silver dollar concho’s. Or order it plain with 18 cartridge loops of your favorite calibre.



Our Masterson Holster and Belt in service

From: keithrcain
Sent: August-27-13 11:25 AM
To: Service at The Last Best West

Sonja, Just arrived, (Masterson holster and Belt) couldn’t be happier with it. The craftsmanship is all that I hoped for.

Your folks couldn’t have been more accomodating, from order to shipping, all exhibited genuine concern in ensuring my complete satisfaction. Many thanks! Sheriff Keith Cain



Last Best West Leather Colors

Last Best West Leather Colors

M1911 Officers Service Holster

M1911 Officers Service Holster


Flap holsters have been a favorite of the military since the black powder era of pistols. They are meant to protect the sidearm, and more importantly in the cap and ball era, the powder from the elements.

The flap certainly slows down your draw, but was a necessary evil because if black powder gets wet, it is useless, and even the change in humidity could make a cap and ball firearm misfire.

It is said that Wild Bill Hickok would reload his .36 cal Navy Colts every morning, to make sure the powder was fresh and minimize the chance of a misfire.

Old West Cavalry holsters all had a flap and when the powder, cap, and ball were all loaded into a water tight cartridge the need for the flap was pretty much eliminated. The old Cavalry men that mustered out with their holsters in those early days of the Colt Peacemaker would often bend the flap back and behind the holster, and stitch it in place. Now they had faster access to their sidearm.

Concealed Carry Magazine

Our thanks to all the great people at Concealed Carry Magazine for their nice write up on our Masterson Belt and M1911 Tactical holster in their May/June 2016 issue. Yer show exquisite taste!

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