Hat bands for Cowboy Hats

Hat bands for cowboy hats

Hat bands for Cowboy Hats

Hand made quality leather hat bands from The Last Best West

Hat bands for Cowboy Hats

Buckeroo Hat bands from The Last Best West This is our Barbwire Custom Hat Band

Our creative and original hat band designs are just the thing to jazz up an old hat, or give a new hat a different look. The designs are different enough to appeal to most people, and a great gift for any cowboy that likes to stand out from the herd!

Hat bands for Cowboy Hats – freshen the look of your favorite old hat with a new leather hat band from The Last Best West. If your old hat has a grosgrain ribbon and bow, our hatbands for cowboy hats are designed to just slide over-top. This gives you a second unique look to your hat, just like the old-time cowboys used to do, and easily slides off, allowing for use on other hats.


How it Works

Shotgun Willie leather hat band

Back of our leather replacement hatbands

We have adapted a stained oak slider and lace so every customer gets a great fit for their leather replacement hatband for their cowboy hat. It’s fast and easy and you can just take our hat band off and put it on a different hat.

And if you don’t want to take off your old ribbon and bow hat band, the beauty of our replacement leather hatbands is you can simply slide our custom hatbands over top of your old ribbon and bow.

To put on your new custom hatband, put your hat on and while looking in the mirror slide your new Last Best West Hat Band over and down the crown, center the design, then reach behind the hat and pull the slider tight. Now you have two different looks for the same hat, and a dang fine fit every time.

Our hat bands, like our hats, and other cowboy leather is made by hand. Each band is unique, well made and will last. Your hat band will be similar but not exactly what is seen here.

Our Hatbands for Cowboy Hats that are dyed – like Shotgun Willie above – have a minimum of 2 coats of dye, the leather is then buffed and sealed. Our dyeing procedure produces a natural aged look.

Cowboys talk low, talk slow, and wear a nice hat band!

Questions? E-mail us at [email protected]

History of Hat Bands

In the middle ages when men went off to war it was customary to take a feather from their loved one. Because men were mostly right-handed, a man would typically lead with their right side when fighting with a sword. Now where the hell to put the feather? At first they would stick the feather in the band of their hat on the right. But soldiers quickly learned it could affect their seeing, so the cavaliers adapted and the feather was moved to the left side of the crown, where it remains today.

ORDERS SHIP in 3-5 days

Nashville,TN November 22 2013 gifting event for The George Jones Tribute Concert.

300_signed02_hat_326We were one of 30 or so companies invited to have booths at the event and meet dozens of celebrities. Our gift package included a MUSIC CITY or TEXAS hatband in deadwood or timber brown.

Our thanks to all these fine folks who graciously came by our booth for a visit, and signed our hat.

Chad Warrix (Halfway to Hazard), Charlie Daniels, Craig Morgan, Daryle Singletary, Emmylou Harris, Eric Lee Beddingfield, Gretchen Wilson, Jan Howard, Janie Fricke, Jeanne Pruett, Jeannie Seely, Jessi Colter, John Michael Montgomery, Kathy Mattea, Kentucky Headhunters, Leona Williams, Lisa Matassa, Lorrie Morgan, Mark Collie, Montgomery Gentry, Pam Tillis, Ray Stevens, Rodney Atkins, Sam Moore, Shooter Jennings, Stonewall Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Teea Goans, TG Sheppard, Thompson Square, Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt, and Vince Gill … plus cartoonist Guy Gilchrist!


Nashville Star, Mark Collie with Robyn and Christine. Thanks for stopping by sir!

Mark Collie

Loved Mark Collie’s role as the Nashville Hitman, in Punisher!

  •  Big Boy Hatband - hand-made by the last best west 1/2" inch of quality dyed tooling leather with a 3 stamp pattern. Color: Deadwood Brown also available in Black, Timbre Brown, Burnt Coffee Brown and Royal Blue. Shown on our Laboeuf hat from 2010s True Grit.  ORDERING THE RIGHT SIZE MEDIUM FITS HAT SIZES 6 3/4 TO 7 3/8 LARGE FITS HAT SIZES 7 1/2 TO SIZE 8
  • Barbwire Custom Hatband - an old west leather hatband hand made by the last best west

    Get our Barbwire Cowboy Hatband and never leave the range with this great looking hatband!

    We use two colors of latigo lace knotted and twisted similar to barb wire. Looks best over top of a ribbon and bow hatband, Shown on our Yellowstone Kelly Hat.

    • Ordering the right size

    • Medium Fits hat sizes 6 3/4 to 7 3/8

    • Large fits hat sizes 7 1/2 to 8

  • Spotted Horse Cowboy Hatband hand made in leather by the last best west

    8 Turquoise spots on 1/2" inch 2 tone dyed and speckled leather

    Spotted Horse Cowboy Hatband shown on our Cimarron hat.

    • Ordering the right size

    • Medium Fits hat sizes 6 3/4 to 7 3/8

    • Large fits hat sizes 7 1/2 to 8

  • ThunderHeart Custom Hatband - For all us superstitious cowboys! Antiqued Thunderbird conchos on 3/4" leather dyed dark Timbre Brown.  Also available in Black, Deadwood Brown, Burnt Coffee Brown and Royal Blue.

    We have adapted a stained oak slider so every customer gets a perfect fit for their replacement hatband. It’s surprisingly fast and you can easily take our hatband off and put it on a different hat.

  • Tracker Custom Hatband 1" inch of quality tooling leather stamped with 7 bear paws. You supply the 1,000 yard stare! Shown in Timbre Brown also available in Black, Deadwood Brown, Burnt Coffee Brown and Royal Blue.  Shown on our Wasey hat.

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