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June 2021

For you folks who like to DIY and fine tune your own hats watch as Adam Savage takes our THING hat and spends a day further customizing it. Watch his SAVAGE BUILD here.

After School All-Stars is a charity founded in 1992 that “provide comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life.

We didn’t think too long before saying, “Yes”, when we were approached to supply some leather items for a silent auction and fund-raising event being held at former California Governor’s Arnold Schwarzenegger’s residence on June 8th 2017. The guests included actor, Noel G, from AMCs The Walking Dead.

After School All-starsOn Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 10:00 AM, Heather Kirk wrote:

Hello Travis. I wanted to loop back and say how much Arnold Schwarzenegger and Noel G appreciated the bags and donation. The event raised $1.8 million! 

Heather Kirk
Immedia Management Inc.

Wynonna Earp FedoraAt the end of season one of  the SYFY NETWORK’S WYNNONA EARP, the character of Doc Holliday lost his prized hat, never to be recovered.

So instead this season, Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday, is sporting one of our classic Dobbs fedora in navy blue. Then in 2017 they went back to hat style #1


Texan, Anson Mount is dynamite as Cullen Bohannan in AMCs Hell On Wheels

Wynnona Earp


Early in 2016 it was our pleasure to make a couple of modified Paladin hats for TIM ROZON, as Doc Holliday, for the 1st season of  WYNNONA EARP, which can be seen on the SYFY Network.


Based on the IDW Comic, this supernatural Western follows the exploits of Wyatt Earps’ great-grand-daughter as she fights demons and the horrific unknown with Wyatts’ old Buntline Colt.

Modified Capt. Call hat

Fargo Season 2

In February of 2015 we made a modified Capt. Call style hat for an episode of the FX series, Fargo.

This award winning series features new stars and story lines every year, making this a dynamic and ever changing TV series.

And we followed that up by making a new Cullen Bohannan hat for actor Anson Mount for AMCs gritty western series, Hell on Wheels.

Concealed Carry Magazine, May/June. 2016.Concealed Carry Magazine

Our thanks to everyone at Concealed Carry Magazine for the nice writeup on our Masterson Belt and M1911 Tactical Holster.

You have excellent taste!

Jed the Cowboy from Night at the Museum III

Jed the Cowboy from Night at the Museum III

It's a wrap! NATM and HOW

It’s a wrap!

We were excited to do some work for FOX ENTERTAINMENT in 2014.

We made a buscadero, worn by Jed the Cowboy, in the Night at the Museum 3.

As well we made a bow quiver and a couple of arrow quivers for the live action shoots for the global gaming phenom, World of Warcraft.

In August of 2014 we were excited to have the Costume Director and Supervisor from AMC’s Hell On Wheels series come through our showroom! Look for these hats and leather in the upcoming episodes of Season 4.

Hats: Mattie Ross, Virgil Cole, Pinkerton, Tom Hart, Cimarron, 6 Shooter, Pale Preacher, Hidalgo, Leather: ‘A’ style wrist cuffs and our Open Range step-in chaps.


From: Carnegie, Samuel Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 To: ‘Longfellow at The Last Best West’ Subject: Smithsonian Institution

Hello Longfellow and co., I haven’t written you guys in a while, but I can’t express how amazing the custom gear

(modified Curly Bill hat, modified open range chaps, 3 inch cartridge belt), you made for us at the American History Museum is. Thousands of people have seen it during our theatre program “Love on the Range,” and we have used the program, complete with the gear, to educate the public on history, as well as in conferences across the country to talk about theatre in museums…Check out this LINK for a short promotional video we did about the program, featuring some photos and videos… Look forward to hearing from you!

S. Xavier Carnegie
Theater Programs’ Creative Director
Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Country stars Hat

Our signed Nashville Country Line Dancer Hat see how many of the stars signatures you can recognize!

Wow what a great time we had in Nashville Tennessee, at the gifting event for the George Jones Tribute concert.

The November 22 2013 event was quite the experience, and our thanks to all these fine folks who graciously stopped by our booth for a visit, and signed our Line Dancer hat.

Chad Warrix (Halfway to Hazzard), Charlie Daniels, Craig Morgan, Daryle Singletary, Emmylou Harris, EricLee Beddingfield, Gretchen Wilson, Jan Howard, Janie Fricke, Jeanne Pruett, Jeannie Seely, Jessi Colter, John Michael Montgomery, Kathy Mattea, Kentucky Headhunters, Leona Williams, Lisa Matassa, Lorrie Morgan, Mark Collie, Montgomery Gentry, Pam Tillis, Ray Stevens, Rodney Atkins, Sam Moore, Shooter Jennings, Stonewall Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Teea Goans, TG Sheppard, Thompson Square, Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt, and Vince Gill … plus cartoonist Guy Gilchrist!


From: Robert Amper Sent: September-01-13 4:14 AM To: service at Subject: Set pic

Dear Sonja, here are the promised shots. 

I hope you like them. You can use them together with the other pictures on your homepage and/or in any way you like. Take care, Robby

We modified our Tom Horn hat and Longfellow supplied some back ground facts for a German Production about the life of Pinkerton Detective, Bounty Hunter, and ultimately, outlaw, Tom Horn.

Ladies Cowboy Hats

Seen here is lovely Australian model, Emma Ishta, wearing our Bandidas, and later Lady, Rifleman, and Line Dancer hats, with the stunning Grand Canyon in the background.

We were pleasantly surprised to be asked by SumCreative to create hats for the 2012 Miss Me Jeans advertising campaign.

From: Philippa Lewis Ward [] Sent: March-21-12 To: Service at The Last Best West Subject: Re: Hats are on the way.

Hi Sonja, Just to let you we received the hats and they are wonderful! Thank you so much for everything. They are perfect and we can’t wait to use them…Thanks again – really appreciate everything!


In 2012 we were asked to give a prize for a Super Bowl Party in Afghanistan.

As you can well imagine we get many requests to supply auction items, and door prizes for events, but this request was an easy YES! So we sent some free posters and a gift certificate for a PURE BEAVER COWBOY HAT, to the Sarge organizing the Party.

Awhile back we got this amazing gift in return. A battle flown flag and commemorative plaque. We think we came out ahead.. . .God bless all those serving on the front lines protecting Democracy and freedom around the globe. Thank-you for your service!

Nascar Commercial

Our custom leather in use in a Nascar Commercial

 NASCAR Commercial


I hope you guys are doing great. I wanted to send you a few photos of the holsters {Masterson Rig and 2 gun Teddy Blue Rig} you made for us for our NASCAR TV commercial shoot.

Kasey Kahne and Carl Edwards were the”good guys” so they got to wear them. They looked awesome!

We are now having them put in a shadow box to hang in the office. Here is also the link to the finished product! Thanks again for getting them to us so fast! Jackie, Victory Management.

Our classic 1898 Roughrider hat, modeled after the original Teddy Roosevelt design.

Spring 2010 our 1898 Roughrider hat, modeled after the original Teddy Roosevelt design.

From: Uhe, Roger C MAJ USA USF-I J-3 Convoy Ops/Rough Riders Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010

To: ‘Sonja’ Subject: Rough Rider Hat  Howdy Sonja: The hat arrived safely and is now a part of the unit. Attached is a photo of me with one of my “horses” in our motor pool. As you can tell from vehicle and me we are both old war horses. But the hat looks great! With Honor and Success!



Our thanks to Major Uhe and his Roughriders for the honor of making 4 custom 1898 Roughriders’ Hats for the Commander and 3 Non-Com’s of USF-1.

From : robert keen Sent: Sunday, December 27, 2009 To: [email protected]/ Subject: Daniel Plainview in silverbelly

My name is Robert Earl Keen and I bought a custom hat from you recently. It was a replica of the hat Daniel Day-Lewis wore in the movie There Will Be Blood. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the hat and how much I enjoy wearing it. Hands down it is the best hat I have owned…So,I want another…Again, I love your hat. It has been a source of joy and rigorous discussion. Sincerely, Robert Earl Keen

Thanks for the Shout Out Robert Earl Keen: We’ve followed your career and enjoy your music!

Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Magazine Coverage


Our thanks to Cowboys and Indians Magazine forgiving us a shout out in your Christmas Issue.

We’re flattered our Josey Wales hat was featured inthe Holiday Gifts for the Western Fan, section of the December 2009 issue.

Yer show exquisite taste!


Winter 2008
Guns of the Old West Magazine

Featured our Masterson custom cross-draw holster.

Our thanks to Denis Prisbrey for including us in his article – we’re still blushing from the kind words!

More Testimonials


Saloon :: Casino :: Painting

In May 2006 we were rounded up to work on a re-enactment of the moment when Jack McCall walked into Tom Nuttal’s #10 Saloon on Aug 2 1876, in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, and murdered Wild Bill Hickok.

Longfellow, and other modern day Gunfighters, worked closely with the producers to create the right atmosphere, setting, and circumstances for that infamous second. Everything was set up like a movie set at Heritage Park in Calgary (an authentic 19th century town).

That’s our pard, Red Cahoun, in the ill-fated role of Wild Bill, and Longfellow (I just found out I was the harbinger of death, hell I don’t even know what State Harbinger’s in!) at the door about to come in. After about 5 hours of taking digital pictures from every conceivable angle – we were done.


Four pretty boys, 2 from Celebrity Look a Likes , can you guess which two?

  • Augustus Custom Handmade Hat

    augustus custom handmade hat style from the classic mini-series, Lonesome Dove (1989) Loveable old Ranger Augustus McCrae is the scalawag that keeps the Hat Creek Cattle Company loose and is a great counter balance to the salty Woodrow Call.  This style of old west crown with it's 3 pinch cavalry creasing was first called the "Tom Mix" after the early movie star, and then became known as "The Gus" crease because of  Lonesome Dove. This is a great look for both men and women! 250_white_filials
    • CROWN: 6 inches
    • BRIM: 4"
    • Crown: Modified 3 pinch cavalry
    • Brim: Hand worked and rolled
    • Hatband: Custom 1/2" leather twist
    • Color shown: Sand
    • hats ship in 12-14 weeks
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Captain Call Handmade Hat

    A custom cowboy movie hat from Lonesome Dove (1989) Our take on the hat style worn by Tommy Lee Jones The Tommy Lee Jones cowboy hat from Lonesome Dove. The Captain Call Handmade Hat is like the character simple, unrefined, and basic. A classic Boss of the Plains with a heavy dip front and back on the bound brim.
    • Crown: 6 inches
    • Brim: 4"
    • Crown: Open - uncreased
    • Brim: Bound Hand shaped dipped front and back.
    • Hatband: 1" grosgrain ribbon with bow
    • Color shown: Black in 20X fur-felt
    • hats ship in 6-8 weeks.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
    • Hatband not sold separately
  • Jake Spoon Lonesome Dove Hat

    Jake Spoon Lonesome Dove Hat - our take on the Robert Urich hat style from the mini-series (1989) This is a big dang hat – befitting the self-centered character deftly played by Robert Urich. Everything is about Jake and this thoughtless, arrogant, gambler makes a bad choice and ends up riding with the wrong crew. We start with an over-sized hat body to make the Jake Spoon.
    • Crown: 6" inches 4 dent military
    • Brim: 4 3/4 inches Kettle curled/hand rolled with bound edge
    • Hatband: Matching 1" Satin Ribbon/Bow
    • Color: Sahara
    • hats ship in 6-8 weeks
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
    • Hatband not sold separately
  • Young Jake Custom Hat


    Our take on the Young Jake Custom Handmade Hat from Comanche Moon.{2008}.

    We start with an over sized hat body to make the Young Jake hat style with its tall modified 4 dent military crown and a extra wide brim for great sun and weather protection. Walk around in your own shade with this big brimmed hat!
    • Crown 6 inches
    • Brim 4 3/4"
    • Crown: Modified Sagebrush
    • Hatband: 1" Satin Ribbon/Bow
    • Color shown: Bone
    • Brim: Kettle curl/handroll – Bound
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
    • Hatband not sold separately
  • Bullock Western Hat

    Bullock western hat - The Timothy Olyphant hat from HBOs Deadwood Our take on the Bullock hat is a millenary design known as the Dakota in the late 1800’s and was popular with the more affluent in the Old West. Made famous again in HBO’S raw western, Deadwood, it was the hat worn by Sheriff Bullock, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant. The Dakota was one of the six hat styles we started our old west hat catalog with back in 2003. If you would like a contrasting color for the hatband and bound edge just enter it in the PRODUCTION NOTES below as you build your hat. 250_white_filials
    • Crown: 4 1/2 inches
    • Brim: 3 1/2"
    • Hatband: 1" inch charcoal satin ribbon with bow.
    • Crown: Center crease with front pinch
    • Brim: Kettle Curl  with bound brim edge
    • Color Shown: Black and undyed natural
    • Musician Favorite


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