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Each Old West replica badge is cast from steel and brass, then the badge is double stamped and silver plated.

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Marshal Deadwood Badge buy two old west badges

Marshal Deadwood Badge

Marshal Deadwood

After the murder of Wild Bill Hickok and the inexplicable acquittal of Jack McCall, the leading citizens of Deadwood decided they needed some law and order, and to that end set up the position of Town Marshal on Aug 5, 1876, just 3 days after Wild Bill went down.

Isaac Brown was the first Deadwood Marshal, and unfortunately for Isaac his career lasted a measly two weeks. On Aug 20th he, Preacher Smith, Charles Mason, and Charles Holland were heading to Deadwood, from Crook City, when they were fell upon by the Lakota and killed. A miner’s court on September 16th elected Con Stapleton as the new Marshal.

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