Old West Wanted Poster

John Wesley “Wes” Hardin. The Terror of Texas

Posters of the Old West

Old West Posters, Authentic Wanted Posters, Legends of the West, and Cowboy Wisdom posters from the last best west

Posters and Personalities of the Wild West – Our Posters of the Old West were the first on the web back in 2001, and they remain true and authentic to the west of the 19th century.

Our poster paper is heavy-duty stock, special ordered by the ream, and is the closest we have found to actual parchment paper that would have been used in the 19th century.

It’s heavy weight and won’t get torn or blown off the hitching post! We don’t stain it (reducing its life) all our aging is done with graphics – making them crisp and clear.

Posters are all ~ 11 x 17 inches and are shipped flat.  Perfect for decorating your Saloon, Bar, Movie Set, Office, Restaurant, or sell in your western themed store. Wholesale prices are available. Contact Sonja at service@thelastbestwest.com for more details.

Posters are $15 each, or order 2 or more and pay 10 dollars each. Pick and choose from 28 posters to make up your order.

The Origin of Outlaw and Wanted Posters

Wanted posters were used in merry olde England to help identify “Outlaws”. The origin of this word is quite fascinating. It comes from old English and was used to denote a person who was “outside the Law” – which in medieval times meant any person who was not protected by the law of the land, and could be killed or captured by any citizen and the reward collected.

Wanted Posters have always served an important need – that of making the citizenry aware of criminals or “persons outside of the law” in the immediate area. They are most often displayed at Police Stations or Post Offices. In today’s world there are thousands of wanted posters posted on the Internet.


Authentic Wanted Posters

$15.00/Ea ~ Order all 12 for $119.00 plus shipping

These are exact replicas of actual Wanted Posters, Railway Circulars, Pinkerton Circulars, Exhibit Notices, and Vigilante Notices from about 1849 to 1900. Once a Wanted Poster Reward got big enough it usually resulted in the outlaws death or capture.

Jesse James is a fine example of this.

The Killing {Assassination?} of Jesse James 

The James-Younger Gang seldom strayed far from Missouri – except to do their robberies; confident their friends and family would hide them out.

Once the reward got to 25,000 for Jesse it was just a matter of time before the dirty little coward (Bob Ford), would kill Mister Howard (Jesse James), as he stood on a chair to straighten a picture, in his own home.


Posters of Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday Poster

Old West Posters

$15.00/Ea ~ Order all 11 for $110.00 plus shipping

The Last Best West Presents. . .digitally mastered posters of Legendary Old West Personalities.

Men that shaped the North American West

Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Black Bart, John Wesley Hardin, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid, and George Armstrong Custer.

All faithfully portrayed in the context of their times.


Legends of the Old West

Young Guns Circa 1870 Poster

Young Guns Circa 1870 Poster

$15.00/Ea ~ Order all 5 for $50.00 plus shipping

Legendary names and groups from the old west whose names reverberate through history

For the better part of 30 years Buffalo Bill Cody traveled the world with his wild west show – trying to show the beauty, majesty, brutality, and courage that was part of the dangerous, western frontier.

When Buffalo Bill Cody died in 1917 he was the most recognized person on Earth.  Such is and has been the power of the Old West to hold peoples’ admiration and imagination.

Authentic Wanted Posters ~ Old West Posters ~ Legends of the West

Cowboy Wisdom

$15.00/Ea ~ Order all 11 for $110.00 plus shipping

Zen Brand Cowboy Posters

Zen Brand

Classic cowboy lingo and sayings in original artwork, suitable for framing. 

Cowboys are thoughtful, respectful, polite, and full of rustic sayings and common sense.

To a cowboy the challenge is not always to say what you mean, but to say it with as few words as possible.

Not all the sayings belong to dyed-in-the-wool Cowboy’s, but we figger they were cowboys in their hearts; they just didn’t know it.


Aces and Eights Poster

The Murder of Wild Bill Hickok

Aces and Eights Poster

A new take on a tragic old west moment, the murder of Wild Bill Hickok by the back shooter McCall

Aces and Eights Poster – The Murder of Wild Bill Hickok


Frame is not included. Used for illustration purposes only

Own an 11 x 17 poster for $36 ~ More information


393_city_country_750Keep Your City Out of My Country 

Size: 16 x 30 inches
This poster ships rolled in a tube and is our only poster printed on modern poster paper. It is also our largest poster and it pretty pretty much says it all.

The tumultuous populace of large cities are always to be dreaded. – George Washington More Cowboy Wisdom

This is a digital print of the Oil Painting, “Keep your City out of my Country”. by Robert P. Byrne Size: 16 x 30 inches

 On Sale! Price $16.95  – Plus $13 shipping. Total = $29.95 ~ Order Now