Pokinow Cowboy Hat - Chinchilla Fur Cowboy hat hand made by the last best west

This hat style is available in 5X/20x/100x beaver fur felt; 100X MINK fur felt: and 100X CHINCHILLA fur felt (shown here). Our great looking crown style is a variation of our Union Cavalry Hat with a classic western roll to the brim.

The brim shape is a"10-4" style. Because, "It'll keep the sun outta your eyes at 10 in the morning, and off the back of your neck at 4 in the afternoon...."

Or choose any hat style we currently make and we would be proud to make it from chinchilla fur felt.  View our hat catalog.  Any hat, any style – same price for CHINCHILLA and MINK.

Our century grade mink and chinchilla cowboy hats come with a hard shell hat can and hat brush

  • PRICE: $2790.00

  • Choose any hat style from our catalog

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  • Chinchilla is available in natural colors or darker only

  • MINK and CHINCHILLA hats come with a hard hat can and hat brush

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