The Drover from Australia - From the western, Australia. The style of cowboy hat worn by Hugh Jackman as Drover, hand made in 100x Mink fur felt by the last best west™.

Mink fur has 2 layers of fur protected by thick oil making it wonderfully waterproof. The thick under fur is protected by slightly longer guard hairs making the fur amazingly soft and luxurious. Mink coats and other clothing typically sell for 2000 dollars to 15,000 or even more. Mink hat bodies are some of the finest on the market and are relatively scarce in comparison to beaver hat bodies. As a result they are highly sought after and sell out quickly.

For hat style you can go with the Drover or any hat we currently make. Any hat, any style - same price. Hat Catalog

  • PRICE: $1590.00

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  • Color shown: Natural in 100x Mink Fur Felt

  • Mink is available in natural colors or darker only

  • Drover Crown: 4 1/2" inch pecan top with front pinch

  • Brim: 3 1/2" hand shaped with large kettle curl

  • Hatband: 1"  grosgrain ribbon and custom twisted leather over top

  • MINK and CHINCHILLA hats come with a hard hat can and hat brush