Billy The Kid Poster - William H. Bonney II He was twenty-one and boldly bragging he'd killed 21 men, as he stood trial for his life. Hard men were all about the kid, with sidearms on their hips and rifles in their hands. The wild young man was found guilty and on April 8, 1881, was sentenced by Judge Warren Bristol to hang by the neck until "dead, dead, dead." On April 28, Pat Garrett went off to buy lumber for the gallows, and Billy went to work. There are three different stories on how Billy got his hands on a firearm that morning, but get one he did, and then The Kid cheerfully shot Deputies Bell and Ollinger, and escaped the makeshift jail at Lincoln, New Mexico. Pat Garrett later said, "I knew now that I would have to kill the Kid. We both knew that it must be one or the other of us, if we ever met." Billy was dead barely 2 months later from a bullet in the back from Garrett hiding in ambush. All Authentic Wanted Posters Package Legends of the West Posters Package Original Wild West Poster Line