Buffalo Bill Cody Poster - William Frederick Cody Buffalo Bill’s show business career began  at the age of 26, on December 17, 1872 in Chicago. Ned Buntline (The man that immortalized Cody, Hickock and scores of other Wild West personalities in his dime novels) had written a play called "The Scouts of the Prairie". Cody appeared in it, as did another well-known scout, Texas Jack Omohundro, as well as Buntline. Reviews of Cody's acting were mixed but he was a natural in front of an audience, and actor or not, Buffalo Bill was a showman.By the time Bill died in 1917, he had laid the ground work for the modern rodeo and was the most recognizable person on earth. All Authentic Wanted Posters Package Legends of the West Posters Package Original Wild West Poster Line