Sundance Kid and Etta Place Poster - It's unlikely there's a more shadowy figure in the Old West than Etta Place. There is no doubt that this was not her real name, as Place was the Maiden name of Harry's (the Sundance Kid) mother, and other women that were associated with the Wild Bunch used the alias also. Virtually nothing is known of her other than the fact she was reputed to be a school teacher, but there's some that say she was a Texas prostitute that Butch Cassidy took under his wing and gave a fake history as a school Marm, so she could have a new start. A stunning, timeless, beauty - she was seldom seen without the Sundance Kid, and they often traveled together as man and wife.   NOTE: Our name is on the website photo and NOT on the actual poster. All Authentic Wanted Posters Package Legends of the West Posters Package Original Wild West Poster Line