cartridge belt

  • 3 Inch Cartridge or Gun Belt - a classic cartridge belt made by hand from the last best west A cartridge belt with your choice of loop size is a handy addition to any SASS shooter's or hunter's equipment. Our cartridge belt as shown has 30 loops to hold any size cartridge you want. Whatever size you wear, we will fill the length of the belt with loops. The exact number will vary by the length of belt, and the tapered design holds more than the billeted style.
  • Curly Bill Brocius Belt from Tombstone - a fully looped hand made leather belt from the powerful western film, Tombstone. {1993}



    Order this belt if you ONLY want to order THE CURLY BILL BELT.  If you are looking for the holster as well you can order it here and then add on the belt.

    The 2 rig set that Boothe wears as Curly Bill Brocius, in Tombstone, was patterned after the rig that the historical Curly Bill wore. 2 Cartridge belts, one worn backwards and two strong hand draw holsters.  

  • Big Game Cartridge Belt - We made this three {3"} inch cartridge belt for a big game hunter, before he went on safari to Africa. Shown in our classic antique brown color, we've double looped this belt so it will hold your high velocity cartridges securely. Shown holding .30CAL WINMAG, and the belt is a Tapered style, but can also be done as a Billeted belt. We will confirm your specific cartridge, and other order details, within 1 business day of your order being placed.
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    Ready to ship - a classic leather belt hand made by the last best west with HERO better buckle as shown A gun belt is a handy addition to any SASS shooter's or hunter's equipment. Our gun belt as shown is fully looped and is 42" to center hole.  Comes with a better buckle set (Hero Buckle) as shown.  So if you wear a size 36-38 pant then this belt is for you! This belt is used in very good condition. Final Sale.
    • 2 1/2 inch heavy leather cartridge belt
    • fully looped belt (37 loops total)
    • loop size .45CAL LC
    • 42 inches to center hole
    • Color: Deadwood brown (dark reddish brown)
    • comes with better buckle (HERO BUCKLE)
    • used in very good condition (display item)
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     Heavy leather cartridge belt ready to ship with better buckle set Color is antique brown and the 18 loops are sized for .45LC. Final sale.
    • Tapered belt style
    • 2 1/2" belt width
    • 18 center back looped belt
    • loop size .45 LC
    • Color: antique brown (mid brown)
    • SIZE: 44" TO CENTER HOLE (fits a 38-41 pant size)
    • IN NEW CONDITION (display item)


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