• Combination Shoulder Holster - Comes complete with holster, knife sheath, and 6 cartridge loops. We put our thinking cap on to come up with this versatile design! The strap system that secures the shoulder holster can be easily changed so the harness can be worn two ways, vertically or horizontally.
  • Executive Handmade Saddle Bags an urban saddle bag from the last best west These unique bags will show your cowboy style. Simple and elegant, the oversized saddle bags are a functional alternative to cumbersome briefcases. The American Chiropractic Association recommends that back packs not exceed 8 pounds of weight when empty. Our oversized executive saddle bags are just 5 pounds when empty or barely 2.5 kg’s. The bags are 13 inches wide by 14 inches long, with interior pockets and a cell phone sleeve on the strap. Order yours today.
  • Captain Walker Leather Holster - Custom cross-draw holster for the Walker Colt black powder pistol. Shown with a custom 4 inch wide leather belt. Color: Deadwood Brown Add the belt at checkout to save $40!
  • Leather Covered Canteen

    Leather Covered Canteen - Cloth wrapped canteen body for insulation, and then more insulation from the custom leather cover. Mouth piece and cap are plastic for hygienic reasons. For an extra 45 dollars we will put 2 initials on your leather covered canteen and surround it with border edging.
  • Vin Movie Holster - Steve McQueen's holster and gunbelt from The Magnificent 7 Color Shown: Saddle Tan Our version of the holster worn by Steve McQueen in that iconic western; The Magnificent Seven, our Vin holster is angled forward to speed the pistol into your hand. Movie style is shown with a bit of barrel out the end of the holster, but holster looks and works just as well if made to the same length as your firearm. Gun belt has the gunfighter infinite stitching, with 6 loops for reloads at the tail end of the belt. Save $20 when you buy the complete rig - just select "Add Matching Belt" at checkout. 
  • Paladin Buscadero Leather Holster - the classic western buscadero hand made by the last best west Our Classic Buscadero is sleek and elegant - patterned after that holster worn by Richard Boone as Paladin in Have Gun Will Travel. Or you can order the plain buscadero we show as well. This is the one seen in shows like Gunsmoke, The Magnificent Seven, The Rifleman, Westworld and so on . Either rig comes with hammer and leg tie downs. If you prefer the plain version just request it in the production notes.
  • M1911 Western Holster - a classic holster with a western flair for your 1911 style sidearm Our hand-made holster is an open toed design, and comes with a hammer or strap tie down, depending on your firearm. 250_white_filials
  • ThunderHeart Custom Hatband - For all us superstitious cowboys! Antiqued Thunderbird conchos on 3/4" leather dyed dark Timbre Brown

    We have adapted a stained oak slider so every customer gets a perfect fit for their replacement hatband. It’s surprisingly fast and you can easily take our hatband off and put it on a different hat.

  • Rooster Hand Made Leather Holster - From True Grit (1969). Color Shown at right: Saddle Tan The gorge or opening at the top of the holster is shaped similar to our Masterson Holster, but is more shallow to show more of the cylinder. Holster is a closed toe, and was a favorite style of holster from movies like The Searchers, True Grit and many others. Below we're showing a plain antique brown 1 3/4" Masterson belt with our Rooster Holster. You can order either as a closed toe or open-toe design. Choose your holster options easily during the check out process.
  • a classic old west holster from the last best west Charley Leather Holster and Gun Belt - The Charley Waite rig from Open Range{2003} The Charley Leather Holster is patterned after a traditional 2 loop holster from the 1880s. The Charley is a closed toe design and is shown in the movie color, antique brown. Available in all colors.
  • Masterson Studded Leather Holster - Classic Cross Draw Holster.  Simple, elegant and functional. Shown in Black and Old Mahogany and covered in spots.  An elegant Cross Draw Holster. Main picture shows the complete rig with our 18 looped  2 1/2 inch wide gun belt or cartridge belt. For complete instructions on how to measure yourself for a gun belt please see the middle of the page and click on the "Belt Size" tab. Save $20 when you buy the complete rig - just select "Add Matching Belt" at checkout.  Choose your Belt Style options at Checkout.
  • Shotgun Willie hatband - A double-barreled personality!

    a classic leather hatband hand made by the last best west 

    1 1/8" inch wide custom dyed, heavy leather hatband with 12 gauge concho and spots. Color: Timbre Brown. Also available in Black and Deadwood Brown. Hatband shown on our Paladin hat.
    • Ordering the right size
    • Medium Fits hat sizes 6 3/4 to 7 3/8
    • Large fits hat sizes 7 1/2 to 8
  • Custom Leather Wrist Cuffs - Hard working cowboys valued heavy leather cuffs for protecting their shirts, wrists and lower arm when working with cattle. When worn with a good pair of leather gloves, the cuffs perfectly protect a cowboys hands and wrists from rope burn, and the stiff cuffs act as a brace; preventing wrist sprains.
  • Poker Star Custom Hat Band Add a real poker face! 1" inch of quality custom dyed tooling leather with nickel suit conchos
  • Undyed Music City Custom Hatband - Stain or oil the leather yourself and save! 3/4" inch of quality vegetable dyed tooling leather with a musical pattern: Treble clef, notes, and guitar. Leather will darken with exposure to sunlight and use.
  • Turtle Totem Custom Hatband - The Turtle will guide you. 1" inch of quality tooling leather stamped with 7 turtles.
  • Rifle Butt Slides - Carry 5 extra 12 gauge rounds or up to 10 rounds .45Cal right on your rifle. Butt slide slips over the rifle and laces tight to the stock. Please specify left or right handed shot.
  • Music City Custom Hatband - A NOTE worthy hatband 3/4" inch of quality dyed tooling leather with a musical pattern:Treble clef, notes, and guitar,
  • Parson Custom Hatband - Keeping the faith. . . . 1" inch of quality tooling leather stamped with 7 Templar Crosses
  • Bat-wing Custom Leather Chaps - classic quality leather cowboy chaps from the last best west

    Beautifully crafted from tough and durable chap leather, our Bat-wing Custom Leather Chaps style of chaps afford great leg coverage on horseback. This design also provides more air circulation and is thus somewhat cooler for hot-weather wear. Enter your chap measurements in the appropriate boxes. Directions for getting accurate chap measurements are in the gallery and just below on a tab. 250_white_filials
  • Big Game Cartridge Belt - We made this three {3"} inch cartridge belt for a big game hunter, before he went on safari to Africa. Shown in our classic antique brown color, we've double looped this belt so it will hold your high velocity cartridges securely. Shown holding .30CAL WINMAG, and the belt is a Tapered style, but can also be done as a Billeted belt. We will confirm your specific cartridge, and other order details, within 1 business day of your order being placed.
  • Custom Handmade Medicine Pouch - A cowboy needs a handy pouch to store his "needful things" in. Like cartridges, matches, money, keys, or even medicine! This beauty is well-made and will give you good service. Back loop is 2 1/2" wide - big enough to slide over virtually any gun belt. Heavy grain cowhide with concho, bone button and leather tie.
  • Custom Handmade Working Saddle - Expert workmanship and attention to detail makes this saddle show beautifully either in the arena or on the range. Please remember that something worth having takes time, and these are made one at a time by hand. So be patient please!
  • Calamity Custom Hat Band - Trouble seems to trail behind. . . . 2" distressed leather, 3/8" tan suede with conchos. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
  • Coat of Arms Custom Hatband - Ready to be Knighted! 1 1/8" inch of quality dyed, heavily distressed and aged tooling leather with coat of arms.
  • Pied Piper Custom Hatband - Dance your way down the trail! 1" inch of quality tooling leather stamped with 7 dancing Pipers.
  • Blondie Holster Heavy Cartridge Belt - Blondie holster at left is 5 1/2" inches in length, with our fully looped, heavy cartridge belt.  


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