hand made cowboy hat

  • Thing Movie Hat

    Our take on Kurt Russell's hat from the Thing. The Thing Movie Hat - This 4 dent military style has the largest dimensions we can make. A 6 inch crown with a 5" brim. If you'd like the brim flatter on the sides, just put that request in the Production Notes box below.
    • Crown: 6 inches
    • Brim: 5"
    • Crown: 4 Dent Military
    • Color Shown: Chocolate
    • Brim: Hand Shaped -open
    • Hatband: Wrapped 3/4" distressed leather strapping/windstring
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Tom Horn Cowboy Hat

    Tom Horn Cowboy Hat - Our reproduction of the Steve McQueen cowboy hat from the movie, Tom Horn - {1980} The crown creasing of this hat is close to the Augustus, but it's the hand shaped brim that gives this movie hat its unique character and look. Hired by the leading citizens of a county to eradicate rustling, Horn, goes about his business too efficiently, making his employers nervous for their own safety.
    • Crown: 6 inches
    • Brim 4"
    • Color Shown: Camo, Silver Belly and Sand
    • Crown: 3 pinch crease.
    • Brim: Hand worked-Open
    • Hatband: 3 braid rope or 1" grosgrain ribbon and bow.
  • Tom Mix B-Movie Hat

    Tom Mix B-Movie hat - A hat style popular with early film star Tom Mix Tom Mix was likely cinema's first movie star, starring in dozens of silent and talkie westerns, at the dawn of cinema in the 1920s and 30s. Mix was a small man who liked big hats, and was the first movie star earning 40,000 a week in 1925. This classic old B-Movie hat has a sagebrush crown, and a big 4 3/4 inch brim with a large kettle curl and bound brim edge.
    • Crown: 6 inches, Modified Sagebrush
    • Brim 4 3/4" Kettle Curl, bound edge
    • Color Shown: Bone
    • Hatband: 1 inch satin with bow.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Big Jim Cowboy Hat

    Big Jim Cowboy Hat - A bigger brimmed version of our Jim West hat This big brimmed hat has the classic telescope crown with an old west roll to the big kettle curled brim.Big Jim Cowboy Hat is a great Range hat and has a 3 3/4" finished brim width, great for all weather conditions. Add our optional trail dust to take off the new hat shine!
    • Crown: 4 1/4 " Telescope.
    • Brim: 3 3/4" inches Kettle Curled and hand rolled-Bound.
    • Hatband: 1" Grosgrain ribbon and bow.
    • Color Shown: Black with optional light trail dust.
  • The Drover from Australia


    The Drover from Australia - From the western, Australia. The style of cowboy hat worn by Hugh Jackman as Drover, hand made in 100x Mink fur felt by the last best west™.

    Mink fur has 2 layers of fur protected by thick oil making it wonderfully waterproof. The thick under fur is protected by slightly longer guard hairs making the fur amazingly soft and luxurious. Mink coats and other clothing typically sell for 2000 dollars to 15,000 or even more. These mink hat bodies are some of the finest on the market and are relatively scarce in comparison to beaver hat bodies. As a result they are highly sought after and sell out quickly. For hat style you can go with the Drover or any hat we currently make. Any hat, any style - same price. Hat Catalog
    • PRICE: $1590.00
    • Choose the Drover or pick any hat style from our catalog- put your hat selection in the PRODUCTION NOTES section below
    • Color shown: Natural in 100x Mink Fur Felt
    • Mink is available in natural colors or darker only
    • Drover Crown: 4 1/2" inch pecan top with front pinch
    • Brim: 3 1/2" hand shaped with large kettle curl
    • Hatband: 1"  grosgrain ribbon and custom twisted leather over top
    • MINK and CHINCHILLA hats come with a hard hat can and hat brush
  • Pokinow Cowboy Hat


    Pokinow Cowboy Hat - Chinchilla Fur Cowboy hat hand made by the last best west

    This hat style is available in 5X/20x/100x beaver fur felt; 100X MINK fur felt: and 100X CHINCHILLA fur felt (shown here). Our great looking crown style is a variation of our Union Cavalry Hat with a classic western roll to the brim.

    The brim shape is a"10-4" style. Because, "It'll keep the sun outta your eyes at 10 in the morning, and off the back of your neck at 4 in the afternoon...."

    Or choose any hat style we currently make and we would be proud to make it from chinchilla fur felt.  View our hat catalog.  Any hat, any style – same price for CHINCHILLA and MINK.

    Our century grade mink and chinchilla cowboy hats come with a hard shell hat can and hat brush

    • PRICE: $2790.00

    • Choose any hat style from our catalog

      – put your hat selection in the PRODUCTION NOTES section below

    • Chinchilla is available in natural colors or darker only

    • MINK and CHINCHILLA hats come with a hard hat can and hat brush

    • special order
  • The General Town Hat


    The General Town Hat - Short Crown, small brim this design goes back to the mid to late 1800s – and was a favorite hat style during the American Civil War. Striking looking hat, it looks extremely good on women.

    • CROWN HEIGHT: 3 1/2"
    • BRIM: 2 1/2
    • Hatband:1 1/2" chocolate brown satin ribbon and bow with matching bound edge.
    • Crown:Texas Straight
    • Brim:Hand Shaped Bound
    • Color shown: Sahara in 20X beaver fur felt
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown


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