Our take on the Hang Em High Movie Hat - Clint Eastwood from Hang 'Em High. {1968} This western movie hat is the style worn by Clint Eastwood, as Jed Cooper, in the 1960s big Hollywood western, Hang 'Em High , co-starring the beautiful Inger Stevens, and a host of great character actors. We show our hat with a slight pencil roll on the brim. The movie hat has a flat brim, so if you wish the brim flat just add it to the production notes below as you build your hat.
  • Crown: 4 3/8" inches
  • Brim: 3 1/2"
  • Color Shown: Sand
  • Crown: Slight front pinch, Pecan top
  • Brim: 1/2" Pencil roll open
  • Hatband: 1/2" satin ribbon tied off cavalry style