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  • Crow Indian Rifle Sheath - A variation of our Red Phoenix this sheath has the barrel end adorned with Crow Indian style bead work. We make this sheath a couple of inches longer than your rifle butt, to give complete all weather coverage of your prized firearm. Once your order is placed, we will e-mail you within 24 hours to confirm your firearms dimensions. Any fine rifle deserves a spectacular sheath. Because of their intricate nature these sheaths take 6-8 weeks to produce.  
  • Plains Indians Rifle Sheath

    Just about every family has a firearm heirloom passed down through the generations. Our beautiful hand made Indian rifle sheaths are just the thing to show and protect your valued long arm. We use the same high quality hide to make this sheath, adding ready-made bead work to finish off the design. This better quality sheath covers the action of your firearm, {like the Red Phoenix Sheath} leaving the stock exposed, and we've added a dynamic red edge to complete the frontier look. Please include not only your barrel length but length from front of barrel to the hammer. And the overall length of your firearm in the appropriate spot as you put your order together.


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