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  • Best Rifle Sheath - THE RED PHOENIX - the Indian Rifle Sheath from the classic western film The Searchers {1956}, hand made by the last best west The Comanche style bead work is custom made for us by a skilled Indian craftswoman. The hide is milky soft and the long, spaghetti fringe gives it a dramatic look. Any fine rifle deserves a spectacular sheath. Our Red Phoenix Indian Rifle Sheath certainly fits the bill. Because of the intricate nature of these sheaths, our NORMAL shipping is 8-10 weeks.
  • a basic soft leather indian rifle sheath hand made by the last best west Our basic rifle sheath comes in a natural color, is made from rough out leather and is simple and durable. The stitching is reinforced at wear points and has a fold over flap with lace, for rain and snow protection. Long leather flap with a tie down allows you to carry several different length firearms, by simply folding the flap over as much or little as needed. Order for the longest firearm you plan to carry in it and include the dimensions in the FIREARMS box as you put your order together.
  • a spectacular soft Indian rifle sheath hand made by the last best west Our Medicine Bear Rifle Sheath is a traditional Indian Rifle sheath with a medicine bear motif (on both sides) in a beautiful warm tobacco color. This special order item is made to fit your firearm. Enter your specifics and dimensions below as you build your sheath order. Color: Tobacco Shipping time: 3-5 weeks Price: $625.00 plus shipping ($35.00)