Our take on the Decker Movie Hat - from Legends of the Fall (1994) Perhaps the most distinctive of all the hats in Legends of the Fall, this tall crowned wide brimed hat has a tight 3 pinch cavalry or Gus creasing to the crown, and a hand shaped brim.

We're showing this hat in frontier (long-haired) beaver fur-felt, but can just  as easily be done in our standard. If you prefer the Decker in our standard fur felt, just ask for it in the production notes below.


  • Crown: 6 inches
  • Brim 4"
  • Color Shown: Chocolate; in frontier fur felt.
  • Crown: 3 pinch cavalry or Gus crease
  • Brim: Hand Curl-open
  • Hatband: 1/2" grosgrain ribbon with 1898 bow