old west chaps

  • Open Range Leather Chaps - a traditional step-in shotgun chap design from the last best west Our Leather Master has been working with leather, hide and fur for more than 30 years, and over his career has made close to a thousand pairs of chaps. For truly authentic, Handmade Leather Chaps and leather accessories you've come to the right place! The style of our Open Range Handmade Leather Chaps, with the 2 front pockets, was likely the most common design worn by working cowboys of the 19th century, and up to modern times. The step in design has a leather gusset down the back of the leg that you step through to put the chaps on. Enter your chap measurements in the appropriate boxes. 250_white_filials
  • Bat-wing Custom Leather Chaps - classic quality leather cowboy chaps from the last best west

    Beautifully crafted from tough and durable chap leather, our Bat-wing Custom Leather Chaps style of chaps afford great leg coverage on horseback. This design also provides more air circulation and is thus somewhat cooler for hot-weather wear. Enter your chap measurements in the appropriate boxes. Directions for getting accurate chap measurements are in the gallery and just below on a tab. 250_white_filials
  • We started with the style of chaps worn by Clarke Gable in The Tall Men (1955) and worked our magic on them. Our Custom Handmade Leather Chaps have a zipper closure and are a shotgun, or stove pipe, design with fringe. The heavy leather belt in a deep rich brown, beautifully compliments the top quality pale sand color of the rough out leather that the chaps are made from. Made by Cowboys for Cowboys.
    • Follow the Chart in the Gallery to get your accurate chap measurements
    • Chaps will ship in 3-5 weeks
    • Sand roughout leather with heavy leather chap belt in dark brown.
    • Features one large pocket on the left thigh
    • Also available in standard chap leather for the same price.  (Request the change in the PRODUCTION NOTES section of the order form below.)

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