Marshal Territory of New Mexico Badge - During the late 1880s cattlemen wars were common in the southwest, making a Marshal a very good man to have in the Territory of New Mexico. With bandits and gunfighters like Billy the Kid causing trouble, the citizens were grateful to have Marshals like Richard Dallam, Pat Garrett, and Sheriff Elfego Baca to keep the peace in the cowboy capital of the Old West. Our Old West replica badges are crafted out of steel and brass. We double-stamp them and then they are silver plated. Finally each Old West badge is hand finished for that worn, antique look. Heavy safety pin closure on the back of each badge. Badges arrive in a small gift box complete with story. Depending on the badge, size range is 1 5/8" inches to 3 1/8″ H. Buy any TWO Badges Buy any THREE Badges