Rocky Mountain Ranger Hat

Hat shown is in undyed natural color in 20X or 50% beaver fur-felt. Hat Band is 1″ satin ribbon with an 1898 bow, and shown with our optional custom windstring.

The Rocky Mountain Ranger

A traditional cowboy hat design from The Last Best West

With this design we attempted to fashion a crown shape reminiscent of a ridge in the Alberta Rocky Mountains. We feel this back crease beautifully compliments the 3 pinch creasing we’ve worked into the front of the crown.

The original Rocky Mountain Rangers

In 1885 the Riel Rebellion inflamed the Canadian West – and in response militia units were formed throughout the Northwest Territories (in 1885 it included Alberta and Saskatchewan) of Canada. In 1885 one unit was organized and commanded by a former Cavalry Captain, John Stewart.

Stewart called the group the Rocky Mountain Rangers, and the unit was made up of 3 troops of 40 men each. Many Rangers were former Mounties, but most Troopers were American cowboys working ranches in the Medicine Hat area. :: click hat pictures for larger images.

The Rocky Mountain Rangers of 1885 lasted only 3 months, and never saw any action. Called the “Tough Men” by the towns folk of Medicine Hat, the troop spent their time on long patrols, and amused themselves by getting drunk and annoying the Halifax Provisional Battalion that was stationed nearby. When the Riel Rebellion ended the volunteer unit was disbanded, however the name: Rocky Mountain Rangers was resurrected in 1900 and to this day remains the name of a prestigious Canadian Infantry Regiment.

The Rocky Mountain Rangers of 1885

The Rocky Mountain Rangers of 1885 lasted only 3 months, were called the “Tough Men” by the towns folk of Medicine Hat

The original Rocky Mountain Rangers became The South Alberta Horse, and now the South Alberta Light Horse, and are the direct decendants of the 1885 Rocky Mountain Trooper.

And today they continue to carry the Battle honor on their Battle Flag, Northwest Canada 1885.

– our thanks to Jim Ogston; Historian for the South Alberta Light Horse, for adding to our understanding.

200_rmr_92True Old West Hats

Order your hat in 100X undyed, pure beaver fur-felt, and be one of the first to hearken back to an era in hat making a hundred and forty years ago.

The first cowboy hats were made from 100% beaver fur-felt, natural and undyed, and unless the cowboy lost it or had it stolen the hat lasted a lifetime.

For an all weather hat – nothing beats a traditional western hat made from 100X Pure Beaver fur-felt – it’s what old west cowboys wore.


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