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We make period correct cowboy hats and leather gear, so if you are a SASS or Cowboy Action Shooter you will definitely want to look over our many Western and Cowboy Movie Hat or holster and gun belt reproductions.

We have somewhere around 150 different hat styles in our catalog; enough for even the finickiest cowboy to find a hat style they like! Everything from classic western styles from the 19th century to new versions of your favorite hats from the movies.

For those visitors visiting us for the first time, we strive for accuracy and authenticity in the cowboy hats, and classic cowboy leather we reproduce from the 19th and early decades of the 20th century.

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Frontera Movie Hat


In 2016 we added two new hat colors. Our new  Frontera hat is done in a nice warm earth tone, BUCKSKIN, and in May 2016 we added another new color NAVY BLUE to our color line up with our Union Cavalry Hat. Change the color to SAHARA or SILVER MIST and you have the Confederate version. continued 

We make great hand made leather holster’s and the Ben Wade Rig is no exception. The holster and gunbelt combination is from that excellent western from 2007 with Russell Crowe, The 3:10 to Yuma. This fully carved holster and gun belt has a custom two-tone dye combination and is as functional as it is beautiful!


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Last Best Cowboy Hat

Custom Cowboy and Western Hats and Accessories

The Last Best Cowboy Hat ~ One of a kind Fur-Felt Art

It’s the last thing you take off, and the first thing that’s noticed

Hats ship in 6-8 weeks

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Hats by Movie or Series

I had a new white cowboy hat that I paid ten dollars for and new pants that cost twelve dollars and a good shirt and fancy boots. Lord I was proud of those clothes! When my sister saw me she said: ‘Take your pants out of your boots and put your coat on. You look like an outlaw.’ I told her to go to hell. And I never did like her after that. Teddy Blue Abbott Cowboy 1882

Lonesome Dove :: Tombstone :: Open Range :: Outlaw Josey Wales :: 3:10 to Yuma :: Appaloosa :: True Grit :: Have Gun Will Travel ::Hidalgo :: Legends of the Fall :: Deadwood :: Broken Trail :: Tom Horn :: Conagher :: Butch Cassidy… :: Assassination of Jesse James….:: Last of the Dogmen :: Winchester ’73 :: The Virginian :: Wyatt Earp :: The Rifleman :: Wanted Dead or Alive :: Nevada Smith :: Pale Rider :: Quigley Down Under :: Unforgiven :: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon :: Red River :: Wild Bill :: The Missing :: My Darling Clementine :: There Will Be Blood :: Monte Walsh :: Saber River :: Angel and the Badman :: Sons of Katie Elder :: McClintlock :: Hondo :: Good, Bad, Ugly :: Cowboys and Aliens :: Wild Wild West :: Destry Rides Again :: Hopalong Cassidy :: Fort Apache :: Posse :: Apocalypse Now :: Gods and Generals :: Bandidas :: Purgatory :: Alvarez Kelly :: North and South :: Magnificent 7 :: The Tall T :: Quick and the Dead :: Justified ::Longmire :: Hang ‘Em High :: Django :: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid :: Big Heat :: Treasure of the Sierra Madre :: Casablanca :: Indiana Jones :: Hell On Wheels :: Roughriders


Our hats are generally named for the person, character or movie they are from


Western Movie Hats

Classic Hats

 Tom Horn  The Thing
 The Lone Ranger

Curly Bill

 Union Cavalry hat
Authentic 19th Century
Cowboy Hats
Our Hand Made hats 
Ship in 6-8 weeks
Boss of the Town
6 Shooter
The Bullock
Modern Rodeo Hats
Pirates of the Caribbean
Top Hand
Rodeo Royale
Bull Rider
Bat Masterson Bowler
Chute Boss
Butch Cassidy Bowler
Tall in the Saddle
The General
Line Dancer
Jesse James Homburg
Rodeo Royale
The Jolan
Bronc Buster
The Pinkerton
Money Round
Indiana Jones 
The Stockman
Line Rider
Classic Pork Pie
Dakota Fancy
 The Rocky Mountain Ranger
Poker City Jim
The Yakima
The Champie
Dodge City

Hand-made Cowboy Leather

Hand-Made Leather

“Served him right, and so we declare.” From an inquest on a bad man killed by Bill Hickok.


Leather ships in 3-5 weeks


Executive Saddle Bags

Quality Hand Made Hatbands

Hatbands ship within 5 days

Freshen the look of your favorite old hat with a new custom hatband from The Last Best West. Our hatbands are all made by hand, and have that authentic Cowboy flavor to help you stand out from the herd.

Old West Badges

Badge Home Page :: Marshal ::  Sheriff ::  Agents :: Rangers

Badges ship within 48 hours

ANY 2 badges + shipping = $30.00 :: ANY 3 badges + shipping = $40.00



Marshal Deadwood
Texas Rangers Company B
U.S. Marshal Fancy
Texas Rangers Company D
U.S. Marshal Plain
Texas Rangers Company A
Blank Marshal Badge
Special Ranger
Marshal Dodge City
San Juan Colorado Rangers
Marshal Territory of New Mexico
Colorado Rangers
US Marshal Star
California Ranger
US Marshal Round
Territorial Rangers
US Marshal Tombstone
Arizona Rangers
Buffalo Marshal
Captain Arizona Rangers
US Marshal Durango – Round
Alaska Territory US Marshal


Pinkerton Detective Agency


Pony Express Messenger
Brothel Inspector
Indian Police
Bureau Of Indian Affairs
Lincoln County Sheriff
Yuma Territorial Prison
Sheriff – Star
Railway Express Special Agent
Sheriff Presidio County
Special Agent – Sante Fe Railroad
Deputy Sheriff
Union Pacific Special Agent
Deputy Constable
Santa Fe Railroad Guard
Blank Sheriff Badge
Confederate States of America
Sheriff Shield
Sheriff Tombstone


Authentic Wanted Posters :: Old West Posters :: Cowboy Wisdom :: Legends of the West Posters :: Best Cowboy Poster :: Wild Bill Hickok’s Murder

Poster Index  – posters ship within 48 hours

POSTERS ARE $28.00 EACH OR 2 FOR $38.00.
PRICE INCLUDES $13.00 dollars for shipping.


  Buffalo Bill Cody

$500 Jesse James
Bat Masterson
$25,000 Jesse James
Sam Houston
Wild Bill Hickok
Pony Express Recruitment
Sundance Kid and Etta Place
Doc Holliday
Young Guns circa 1870
Wyatt Earp
Head of Joaquin
Custer and the 7th
Jesse James
Sam and Belle Starr
Black Bart
S. Indiana Vigilance Committee
Order the Dog
George Armstrong Custer
Las Vegas Vigilante Notice
Use it up – or do Without
Billy the Kid
$7500 Reward
Make your word your Bond
John Wesley Hardin
Pinkerton – Reuben Burrows
There you are.
Pinkerton – Oliver Curtis Perry
Dog and Fence Post
Pinkerton Circular – Tom Nixon
Defend Yourself