Masterson Single Action Holster

Masterson Single Action Holster



Masterson Single Action Holster 

Classic Cross Draw Holster – Simple, elegant and functional

Masterson Belt if you order the Rig is 1 1/2″ – to accommodate belt loops on today’s britches. We made sure it fits Levi’s jeans, and when worn with a sport coat or longer coat, is the perfect holster for people with the conceal & carry permit.

Holster works equally well as either a cross draw or strong hand draw style. If you’d like the cut out star concho on the holster, please request it in the production notes below.


Add the Matching 18-loop Belt, Pants Belt or 2nd Holster?

Add the matching belt to this Holster.

If you added on a belt (above) please enter your belt size

Enter your belt size here, if you are adding on a belt to your holster order. See the Belt Size tab at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to correctly measure.


If you added on a belt (above) Please choose a belt style

If you added on a belt (above) please enter a Buckle choice

All our belts come with a standard Garrison buckle. If you would like to upgrade please select your choice. Buckles can be seen in the BUCKLES / BELT SIZE TAB AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

Belt Slide

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Please enter the make and model of the firearm to be used with this holster AND INCLUDE the barrel length and caliber.


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Production Notes

Please let us know if there is any other information you would like us to have.


Masterson Single Action Holster

Masterson Single Action Holster – Classic Cross Draw Holster.  Simple, elegant and functional.

Masterson Hand made leather holster

Bat Masterson circa 1886.

Canadian Bat Masterson was one of the most feared and respected “Shooters” of the Old West. His skill with a hand gun was such that everyone kept theirs holstered with Masterson around.

Bat Masterson

In his early twenties Masterson was serving as an army scout, out of Sweetwater, Texas, when he got in a fight over a dance hall girl. His adversary was killed with a bullet thru the heart, the luckless girl died as well, and Masterson was badly wounded in the pelivis; which caused him to limp thereafter.

He took to using a large silver knobbed cane to assist his stride, and when he took up his trade of being a Peace Officer, the cane was often used on an unruly cowboy’s head. In recognition of the new sport of Baseball, he was nicknamed Bat; because of his “batting” of skulls with his walking stick.

Friend to Luke Short, Charley Bassett, the Earp’s, and Doc Holliday, Bat was often seen in his later years, at boxing matches in the New York area as a sportswriter for the New York Morning Telegraph.



From: Tony Conway
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2013
Subject: RE: Custom leather holster and belt for Ms. Morgan.

Dear Longfellow

The Holsters arrived today just in time for Christmas, Lorrie is thrilled with the (masterson hand made leather) holster and its craftsmanship. She said you went way over the top on what she was expecting and that now she just might have to wear it on stage with her firearm. She wanted me to tell you a special thanks and that she will proudly wear the holster and tell anyone that asked where to order theirs.

Thank you so much and I am sure she and Randy her husband will be the best looking couple in Country Music with their custom THE LAST BEST WEST holsters on their hips.

I am looking forward to getting my hat and with winter upon us it will come in very handy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you so much for the wonderful product.

Warmest Regards Tony Conway President & CEO Ontourage Management

Nice words from nice people! Country music star, Lorrie Morgan, came by our booth in Nashville, and was admiring our Masterson Single Action Holster and gunbelt. We ended up making her husband a rig as well.



From: keithrcain
Sent: August-27-13 11:25 AM
To: Service at The Last Best West

Sonja, Just arrived, couldn’t be happier with it. The craftsmanship is all that I hoped for.

You folks couldn’t have been more accomodating, from order to shipping, all exhibited genuine concern in ensuring my complete satisfaction. Many thanks! Sheriff Keith Cain

Additional information

Color - Leather

Antique Brown, Black, Deadwood Brown, Old Mahogany, Saddle Tan

Holster Draw

Left Hand Cross Draw, Left Hand Strong Draw, Right Hand Cross Draw, Right Hand Strong Draw


Shipping time is 3-5 weeks from the time the order is confirmed by you.

Note: No firearms or cartridges are included with our hand made leather products.

Choose from these leather colors:


Last Best West Leather Colors

Last Best West Leather Colors


Shipping time is 3-5 weeks from the time the order is confirmed by you.

Note: No firearms or cartridges are included with our hand made leather products.


Correct Gun Belt Measurement

correct gunbelt measurement

correct gunbelt measurement

Getting the correct gun belt measurement is easy if you follow some simple steps.

  1. Put on a pair of britches/pants you plan to wear with your gun belt
  2. Have handy any belt that currently fits you. You can even use a piece of string.
  3. Put the belt on and buckle it where you will wear your gun belt Slightly down over your hips in most cases. Remember the gun belt will be supporting another 4 pounds per pistol and holster {about 3 lbs for the pistol; 1 lb for the holster} That weight will drag the belt down. You may want to go another notch tighter in your measuring.
  4. Make note of the most comfortable hole in which the buckle goes through.
  5. Lay the belt on a flat surface and measure from the end of the buckle to the most comfortable hole. See picture below.
  6. Distance from the buckle end to the centre hole of your belt will be the measurement you supply us with. This is now your gun-belt size.
  7. Generally this measurement should be about 3 to 4 inches larger than your jean size.



2022 buckle choices the last best west


BILLETED OR TAPERED 2 ½ inches wide

Tapered Gun Belt

Tapered Gun Belt

Shown are Tapered AND Billeted Belt Styles.  Gun belts are 2 1/2″ in width and ship with a standard garrison buckle, as shown on the billeted belt in deadwood brown below. Gunbelt above is our tapered style in old mahogany with better buckle set.  See Buckle Choices Tab for more information.

Comes with no cartridge loops (common in the day) or 18 loops. Add 35 dollars and we will cover the entire length with your size of cartridge loops. Number of loops depends on belt length, and the tapered Gun belt holds more than the Billeted style. 

Gunbelts ship with a Garrison buckle; Billeted or Tapered.

Billeted gun belt

Billeted gun belt

A heavy leather MASTERSON OR RANGER belt is 1 ½” in size and can double as a pants belt.  Shown below in Old Mahogany.

Masterson Hand Made Leather Belt

Masterson Hand Made Leather Belt


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