Traditional Slim Jim Holster

Traditional Slim Jim Holster


Traditional Slim Jim Holster hand-made in leather by the last best west

Shown at left in saddle tan, antique brown, and black. The Black Slim Jim Holster is a left strong hand draw and can be also be worn on the right hip for a left-hand cross draw or further back on the hip for a right handed “Twist” or “Cavalry” or “Hickok” draw. One holster three different ways you can wear it.

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Traditional Slim Jim Holster

Black Knight Leather HolsterTraditional Slim Jim Holster – Is what Wild Bill would have used with his Navy 36s’, when he wasn’t tucking them in his sash.  

This is the first recognizable holster style from early years of the western frontier. Seen as early as the late 1830s, frontiersmen used the slim jim holster style to carry their back powder (cap and ball) pistols. A Slim Jim Western Holster is what Wild Bill Hickok would have used with his Navy 36s’, when he wasn’t tucking them in his sash.

The Slim Jim Holster is still a very popular holster style for a single action pistol. Patterned after the California Slim Jim shown in the leather makers Bible, Packing Iron. Nothing fancy – the look is, sleek, elegant, and versatile.

As firearms evolved so did the gun holster until today there are dozens of styles to chose from, made from all kinds of material. We still think leather is best, and certainly the quietest when drawing a sidearm.

Our Slim Jim Holster can be worn for a strong hand draw, a cross-draw, or for the twist or “Hickok” draw. In particular the modern Schofield reproductions work very well in this sleek holster style. We also recommend the Slim Jim, along with our 4 inch belt for carrying those big 50 Calibre sidearms, as well as the massive black powder pistol, the Walker Colt. 

Colors available are Saddle Tan, Deadwood Brown, Black, Antique Brown, and Old Mahogany.

Slim Jim Holster

Additional information

Color - Leather

Antique Brown, Black, Deadwood Brown, Old Mahogany, Saddle Tan

Holster Draw

Left Hand Cross Draw, Left Hand Strong Draw, Right Hand Cross Draw, Right Hand Strong Draw


Shipping time is 3-5 weeks from the time the order is confirmed by you.

Note: No firearms or cartridges are included with our hand made leather products.

Choose from these leather colors:


Last Best West Leather Colors

Last Best West Leather Colors


Shipping time is 3-5 weeks from the time the order is confirmed by you.

Note: No firearms or cartridges are included with our hand made leather products.


Correct Gun Belt Measurement

correct gunbelt measurement

correct gunbelt measurement

Getting the correct gun belt measurement is easy if you follow some simple steps.

  1. Put on a pair of britches/pants you plan to wear with your gun belt
  2. Have handy any belt that currently fits you. You can even use a piece of string.
  3. Put the belt on and buckle it where you will wear your gun belt Slightly down over your hips in most cases. Remember the gun belt will be supporting another 4 pounds per pistol and holster {about 3 lbs for the pistol; 1 lb for the holster} That weight will drag the belt down. You may want to go another notch tighter in your measuring.
  4. Make note of the most comfortable hole in which the buckle goes through.
  5. Lay the belt on a flat surface and measure from the end of the buckle to the most comfortable hole. See picture below.
  6. Distance from the buckle end to the centre hole of your belt will be the measurement you supply us with. This is now your gun-belt size.
  7. Generally this measurement should be about 3 to 4 inches larger than your jean size.



2022 buckle choices the last best west


BILLETED OR TAPERED 2 ½ inches wide

Tapered Gun Belt

Tapered Gun Belt

Shown are Tapered AND Billeted Belt Styles.  Gun belts are 2 1/2″ in width and ship with a standard garrison buckle, as shown on the billeted belt in deadwood brown below. Gunbelt above is our tapered style in old mahogany with better buckle set.  See Buckle Choices Tab for more information.

Comes with no cartridge loops (common in the day) or 18 loops. Add 35 dollars and we will cover the entire length with your size of cartridge loops. Number of loops depends on belt length, and the tapered Gun belt holds more than the Billeted style. 

Gunbelts ship with a Garrison buckle; Billeted or Tapered.

Billeted gun belt

Billeted gun belt

A heavy leather MASTERSON OR RANGER belt is 1 ½” in size and can double as a pants belt.  Shown below in Old Mahogany.

Masterson Hand Made Leather Belt

Masterson Hand Made Leather Belt


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