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Buy MULTIPLE Old West Posters – Posters and Personalities of the Wild West – Our Posters of the Old West were the first on the web back in 2001, and they remain true and authentic to the west of the 19th century.

All posters are ~ 11 x 17 inches and printed on heavy cover stock. Perfect for decorating your Saloon, Bar, Movie Set, Office, Restaurant, or sell in your western themed store.

Buy MULTIPLE (2 or more) Old West Posters – all posters are 10 dollars plus appropriate shipping. First poster must be selected from the drop down menu. Then choose all additional posters by selecting the check box of your choice. 


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Authentic Wanted Posters Set of 12

12th New York Cavalry Recruitment

Buy MULTIPLE Old West Posters – Your BEST Deal!

Our three lines of original poster art (Old West Posters, Authentic Wanted Posters, and Legends of the West) can be seen all over the world, from movie sets and club houses to fancy Dance Halls and Saloons.

Buy MULTIPLE Old West Posters – Our Old West Posters were one of the first on the web back in 2001. Our poster paper is heavy-duty stock, special ordered by the ream, and is the closest we have found to actual parchment paper that would have been used in the 19th century.

It’s heavy weight and won’t get torn or blown off the hitching post! We don’t stain it (reducing its life) all our aging is done with graphics – making them crisp and clear.

Posters are all ~ 11 x 17 inches and are shipped flat. Perfect for decorating your Saloon, Bar, Movie Set, Office, Restaurant, or sell in your western themed store. Wholesale prices are available. Contact Sonja at for more details.

Wanted posters were used in merry olde England to help identify “Outlaws”. The origin of this word is quite fascinating. It comes from old English and was used to denote a person who was “outside the Law” – which in medieval times meant any person who was not protected by the law of the land, and could be killed or captured by any citizen and the reward collected.

All of our Authentic Wanted Posters  ~  Legends of the West ~ Original Wild West Posters

Last Best West Posters

Some of our posters framed along the left wall of a saloon in Hong Kong


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