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For people of the West, an Old West Adventure Novel – The Last Best West

The Last Best West

About Us

We debuted in May of 2000 as a modest website to promote the old west adventure novel, The Last Best West. Get it at

Within a few years we added an online retail element and have been growing our great catalog of cowboy hats, leather and other great cowboy gear.


We are a family run and managed business, and unlike most hat and leather sellers on the Internet, we make and sell our own hats and leather, not resell someone elses, or import them from overseas. We make museum quality hats and custom leather and our hard wearing cowboy gear is renowned for its workmanship and on trail performance.  ~ Testimonials

Longfellow is the author of The Last Best West and the chief web designer and content writer for our website.

An old west historian, hatter, leather worker, retailer, and reformed dandy, it is Longfellow’s skill and talent as a designer that first developed and set the standards for our custom hats and leather products, and continues to drive development of new products at The Last Best West.

One of the most rewarding things about operating this website is hearing from visitors and customers about how entertaining and informative they find our old west content and how pleased they are with our custom products.

Some people have even suggested The Last Best West is the trend setter and at the forefront of a renaissance in cowboy hats and values. To all these people we humbly say thankee-thankee.

It’s not our way to talk ourselves up, but our B-Movie hat page has been credited with starting a revival of interest and sales of these old movie gems from the 1930s and 40s. Make sure you get the DVDs with restored versions and after watching one or two you will be hooked!

And to all the people that keep the Old West alive in performance groups, living history, and SASS participation we wish you all the best for helping us Keep the Faith. 


Monday to Friday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern
We are always here to help, but not always at the very second you call. We will e-mail or return the call if a detailed message is left. 1-866-207-1909

Key Staff of  The Last Best West

Customer Service


Customer Service

Customer Service Manager

If you have ordered a custom hat or leather piece chances are you have e-mailed with Sonja.

She is our Queen of Customer Service and oversees all of the emails that come in (and makes sure they all get answered!).

If you have a question e-mail us at

If you are expecting an e-mail from us, and do not receive one within 24 hours, check your SPAM or JUNK mail folders, as sometimes your mail service will intercept legitimate e-mails.


Operations Supervisor

Travis co-ordinates all the production aspects of our hat and leather orders, and makes sure all the little details get taken care of.

In addition he will be the designer you work with if you have a special project.

Robyn looks after our social media

Robyn looks after our social media

Social Media

Our resident social butterfly Robyn does most of our Facebook posts and keeps track of what’s going on in the world of social media.

If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, please do. You will be notified about new contests or savings that are available only through our FACEBOOK page.

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Our Craftsmen 

Our Master Hatter

Our Master Hatter

Master Hatter

Monty is our Master Hatter and runs our hat department.

With more than 15 years experience fashioning fine cowboy and western hats you will learn what 1000s of our clients have already, that Monty is as fine a Milliner as there is working today.  No Bull!


Randy uses old tools to make new pieces!

Randy uses old tools to make new pieces!

Leather Master

Randy’s leather career as an apprentice chap maker started 30 years ago with Randy diving in and helping to clear out over 500 pairs of chaps that were in various stages of completion.

After learning his trade he operated his own saddlery store for close to 20 years. Randy’s attention to detail produces stunning looking leather!

From hand made hats and holsters to hat bands and chaps, we design and make some of the best old west gear you will find :: Testimonials 

If you need help or have a question please e-mail us at

We know a lot about the old west, cowboys, their tools, firearms and western film history, but we don’t know everything.

If  you have ANY trouble ordering online please call 1-866-207-1909 and we will be happy to take your phone order. Please click here for our privacy/disclaimer page.