Stampede Parade 2007

Stampede Parade 2007

Calgary Stampede Parade Pictures

The first Calgary Stampede appeared in 1912 and even at that time writers were bemoaning the slow disappearance of the open range cowboy.

Many years before the first Stampede the citizens of Calgary were staging an annual Agricultural Fair.

The whole town would turn out for the Fairs and in 1886 there were competitions for draft horses, sheep, swine, home cooking, embroidery, gun shooting, plants and flowers, buggies and carriages.


Calgary Stampede Pictures

Shane! Shane!

Prizes were awarded for many events including horseshoe tossing and even a pretty baby contest!

The parents of the 3 baby contestants were so adamant about who the winner should be, that the judges prudently retreated out of gun distance and cleaverly announced that a prize would be awarded to each contestant.

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The Gunfight at Rope Square

Every day of Stampede (except Sundays) there are a slew of activities at Rope Square, in downtown Calgary.

The traditional, or sometimes less than traditional, Old West Gunfight  is the closing act for these activities.

We’d like to say a big thank-you to our American brothers and sisters in the Cody (Wyoming) Gunfighters group, and the Bitter Creek Outlaws, for coming up to Calgary and helping us entertain in 2007. A fine time was had by all.

Stampede Parade 2007

Stampede Parade 2007