Cowboy Pictures

Cowboy Pictures

Cowboy Pictures

Ed Schieffelin

Whaddya doin?” The army scouts wanted to know, as Ed Schieffelin led his mule out of the army post at Fort Yuma, Arizona Territory.

Headin’ out fer some Prospectin,” grumbled Ed, and a soldier hurrumphed. “All yer’ll ever find in them hills,” he said, “is yer tombstone.”

But Ed Schieffelin found silver. Lots of silver. And before it played out the silver mines in the Arizona desert would pay out a billion dollars at today’s value. So, when it came time to stake out a town, to support all the mines and workers there was only one suggestion for a name: Tombstone.

In the years to follow more than 30,000 miners and thieves, gamblers and gunfighters, merchants and shady ladies, swarmed the boom town. Including Wyatt Earp and his brothers, as well as their friend Doc Holliday, and the infamous Cowboys led by Old Man Clanton and Curly Bill Brosius.


Cowboy Pictures Old Bill Miner

Old Bill Miner

Hands up!

The first cowboy to utter these immortal lines was Old Bill Miner. From 1861 – 1911 Cowboy Bill robbed trains and stagecoaches in the American and Canadian West.

In 1906 the old cowboy was sentenced to life. He told the Canadian judge, “No jail can hold me, sir.” Over the next 4 years, Bill Miner, escaped 5 times.

Wild Bill Hickok

Cowboy Pictues Wild Bill Hickok PosterThe prototype of the old west pistol fighter, Bill Hickok had the size, the sad eyes and the heroic exploits to make an impression on most any body. Just weeks after the end of the Civil War, Wild Bill took the train to the end of the tracks in Springfield, Missouri.

When confederate Dave Tutt bragged he could, “Shoot a bird on the wing“, in Springfield, in 1865, former Union soldier, Bill Hickok was quick to reply, “Did the crow have a pistol? Was he shooting back? I will be.

There’s a number of reasons people say Hickok and Tutt fought. They were both wooing the prettiest girl in town, their political sympathies were at odds, but it came down to a pocket watch.

Hickok and Tutt had been playing poker and Bill lost a big pot to the loud mouthed Tutt. His pocket watch had been part of the bet, and Dave insisted that he hold it against the debt of 25 dollars.

Wild Bill wasn’t happy, but he allowed it with the warning, “Don’t let me see you on the street with my watch, Dave.”

The next morning the streets were lined with the curious as Dave Tutt and a couple of his cronies were strolling down Main Street, with Dave flaunting Hickok’s pocket watch.

Seventy-five yards away Wild Bill walked out of his hotel and threw down the gauntlet. “Don’t you cross the square with my watch Dave!”

By way of an answer Tutt pulled his pistol and fired, as Hickok did the same. Tutt missed. Wild Bill didn’t. From that incredible distance, shooting with a cap and ball pistol, Hickok hit Dave Tutt in the heart, dropping him dead. Hickok then strode down the street and reclaimed his coveted pocket watch, admonishing the crowd with, “are you not entertained!”


After shooting Jack Straw, a well known bad cowboy, Wild Bill Hickok bought a round for the bar, and the town band struck up a tune. A hastily convened coroner’s jury, took one look at the hell raising, dead cowboy, and asserted, “Served him right, and so we declare.” The Deadman’s Hand

The Slim Jim Holster – the Classic side-arm holster of the early west.

Cowboy pictures slim jim

Classic Slim Jim Holster

Most men – including Texas Rangers – who could afford a holster would have used this style in the early days of the western frontier. Shown here in Saddle Tan.

Holster shown is a right hand draw and can be worn on the right hip, on the left for a cross draw or on the left for a left handed “Twist” or “Cavalry” or “Hickok” draw.

Our Holsters are Top Quality – made for life-long use. We will custom make to accommodate the make and calibre of your side arm. Other colors available include Deadwood Brown, Black, Antique Brown, and Old Mahogany.

cowboy pictures faro cards

Faro Cards

Cowboy Poker (aka Faro)

Cowboys love poker. . . .and the reason old west cowboys called the poker they played, “Faro” was because the most popular playing cards used pictures of Egyptian Pharaohs for the face cards.

In the old west, Faro was much more popular than poker. Easy to play and with the best odds for winning, it was easily the most popular game around.  There was hardly a saloon or gaming house in the West without a Faro table between 1825 and 1915 with several well known figures of the time making their riches by playing the game.

The Story-book Marshal

Wyatt Earp PosterWyatt Earp

Dodge City was a mecca for gamblers, girls and cowboys. Known as the “Queen of the Cow towns,” the “wickedest little city in America,” and the “beautiful Babylon of the frontier.”

Dodge gave the world two terms. “Boot Hill” has become synonymous with a cemetery, “’cause most cowboys died with their boots on.”

The first “Red Light District” started in Dodge City in 1874. The most popular western brothel in town had a red pane of glass in it’s front door, as a guide to lonesome, drunken cowboys.

All they raise around Dodge City,” an old cowboy once said, “is cattle and hell.”

Many “law and order” men tried taming the wild west town, but they all got run outta Dodge or shot dead. Then Wyatt Earp showed up with Bat, Jim Masterson and Joe Mason. In short order Earp and is old west marshals, “. . .made quite a dent in cowboy conceit.” Wyatt Earp Cowboy Hat

  • Augustus Custom Handmade Hat

    augustus custom handmade hat style from the classic mini-series, Lonesome Dove (1989) Loveable old Ranger Augustus McCrae is the scalawag that keeps the Hat Creek Cattle Company loose and is a great counter balance to the salty Woodrow Call.  This style of old west crown with it's 3 pinch cavalry creasing was first called the "Tom Mix" after the early movie star, and then became known as "The Gus" crease because of  Lonesome Dove. This is a great look for both men and women! 250_white_filials
    • CROWN: 6 inches
    • BRIM: 4"
    • Crown: Modified 3 pinch cavalry
    • Brim: Hand worked and rolled
    • Hatband: Custom 1/2" leather twist
    • Color shown: Sand
    • hats ship in 12-14 weeks
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Captain Call Handmade Hat

    A custom cowboy movie hat from Lonesome Dove (1989) Our take on the hat style worn by Tommy Lee Jones The Tommy Lee Jones cowboy hat from Lonesome Dove. The Captain Call Handmade Hat is like the character simple, unrefined, and basic. A classic Boss of the Plains with a heavy dip front and back on the bound brim.
    • Crown: 6 inches
    • Brim: 4"
    • Crown: Open - uncreased
    • Brim: Bound Hand shaped dipped front and back.
    • Hatband: 1" grosgrain ribbon with bow
    • Color shown: Black in 20X fur-felt
    • hats ship in 6-8 weeks.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
    • Hatband not sold separately
  • Samuel Jones Movie Hat

    Our version of the Samuel Jones Movie Hat - from The Missing The Samuel Jones Hat is the one worn by Tommy Lee Jones, as Samuel Jones, a  white man turned Apache, who returns to his estranged daughter in time to try and rescue his grand-daughter from slave traders. Like the character there is nothing fancy about this hat, a simple open crowned cowboy hat with a bit of a pencil roll.
    • BRIM: 4" 1/2" Pencil roll, with a gentle hand roll - Bound.
    • Color: Pecan
    • Hatband: Satin Ribbon with bow, with matching bound edge.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Sundance Kid Cowboy Hat

    Sundance Kid Cowboy Hat - Our take on a classic western movie hat the hat worn by Robert Redford in 1969s, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  This hat is pretty nondescript and is a good representation of the type of hat that would have been seen in the later half of the 19th century on many of the cowboys riding through the west.
    • Crown: 4 1/4" inches Telescope
    • Brim: 3 1/4 inches open with a gentle hand-roll
    • Color: Chocolate with light trail dust
    • Hatband: 1/2" distressed brown leather
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown

  •   Masterson Single Action Holster 

    Classic Cross Draw Holster - Simple, elegant and functional

    Masterson Belt if you order the Rig is 1 1/2" - to accommodate belt loops on today's britches. We made sure it fits Levi's jeans, and when worn with a sport coat or longer coat, is the perfect holster for people with the conceal & carry permit. Holster works equally well as either a cross draw or strong hand draw style. If you'd like the cut out star concho on the holster, please request it in the production notes below. 250_white_filials
  • Johnny Ringo leather holster hand made by the last best west A classic Hollywood holster and gun belt- from Tombstone. {1993} This closed toe design is made for quick draws with it's trigger guard fully exposed from the holster. We're showing our Johnny Ringo in our classic old mahogany color .  Movie rig is black.
  • Curly Bill Movie Holster - a hand made leather holster from Tombstone. {1993} COLOR SHOWN: Deadwood Brown This close toed holster is a little fancier variation of our traditional 19th century Teddy Blue Holster. The Curly Bill Movie Holster has a fancier border and the look is toughened up with 10 spots per holster. The 2 rig set that Boothe wears as Curly Bill Brocius, in Tombstone, was patterned after the rig that the historical Curly Bill wore. 2 Cartridge belts, one worn backwards and two strong hand draw holsters.   To order the complete Curly Bill Movie Rig, with 2 holsters and 2 fully looped cartridge belts, add all 3 options below where it asks, Add a Matching Belt and/or Holster? This will save you 35 dollars for the complete 2 rig set. Total will be 905.00 plus shipping. Choose your Buckle Set, Leather Color and Belt Style
  • a classic old west holster from the last best west Charley Leather Holster and Gun Belt - The Charley Waite rig from Open Range{2003} The Charley Leather Holster is patterned after a traditional 2 loop holster from the 1880s. The Charley is a closed toe design and is shown in the movie color, antique brown. Available in all colors.

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