Doc Holliday

The Gunfighting Dentist a story of the real west from the last best west

Old West Poster of Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday Poster

For our money Doc Holliday was the most dangerous pistol fighter of his generation. The slight dentist with the constant cough was out West for the dry climate, as he was slowly dying of tuberculosis.

With his dead-at-any-moment attitude he was a danger to any unsuspecting man that might go afoul of his explosive temper, and as he was an avid poker player, the chance for conflict was always there.

Raised to be a cultured southern gentleman, Doc was hated by most, and claimed few men his friends; but they included the Earp Brothers and Bat Masterson.


The Gunfight beside the OK Corral 

Doc was a key participant and recent evidence suggests it was Docs’ act of cocking the hammers of his shotgun, that was the tipping point in the tensions that morning.

By cocking the shotgun he spooked the cowboys into going for their guns, and the fight was on. Thirty seconds and 30 shots later 3 cowboys were dead and everyone was shot up except Wyatt Earp.

Doc Holliday declared he’d, “Die with me boots on. . . .”. But as he lay on his death bed in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the last words he uttered as he looked at his feet, were, “I’ll be damned.” Maybe he was – Doc’s boots were off. ~ Buy this poster for $15


Doc Holliday Custom Handmade Hat

Doc Holliday Custom Handmade Hat

Doc Holliday Movie Hat

– from Tombstone {1993}

Doc’s adversary amongst the Cow Boys, of course, was Johnny Ringo. So naturally Doc’s hat is the opposite of Johnny’s.

The fedora working to the crown suggests culture and education, and the left turn up on the brim infers a dangerous bent to his personality. ~ Shop for hats

In real life and in the movie Doc straddled the line between good and bad, but he always stood by the few men he called friends.


Cowboy Wisdom

A friendly game of cowboy poker turns on a card. . . .


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