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Old West Gunfight

Old West Performers Rendezvous

The Gunfight at Cody Wyoming 2006

Well, Cody Wyomin’ – yer glad to see the end of us? Did us 40 odd gunfighters hurrah yer town enough? No?! Then, I reckon we’ll have to do it again next September!

Now there’s no denyin’ that some of us couldn’t hammer a nail into a snow bank – but what the hell. Cowboys have never been renowned fer bein’ brilliant! Read on at yer peril!

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The Good. . . .

middlemass old west gunfight

Our Friend Bill Middlemass

Wild Bill Hickok circa 1870

Wild Bill

Seeing our American friends was certainly the highlight of the trip. A special thanks to the folks at the Irma Hotel, John Darby, Pat McKinney, and others for sponsoring the event and making us feel welcome.

Thanks Doc Deadwood fer introducin’ us to David R. Young the brilliant sculptor who fashioned the new monument to Wild Bill Hickok.

It’s dang amazing how affable people are to yer, when yer packin’ a pistol on yer hip – and a smile on yer lip!

In 2009 our friend Wild Bill Middlemass rode into the sunset. Go with God, my friend, and keep a pot of coffee on the fire for when we meet on the other side. . . .


The Bad. . . .

Classic Western Movie Hats

Longfellow wearing Open Range Hat

Most would say it was the acting, but they’d be wrong by half! Some of it was worse than bad – but then again some of it was dang brilliant! And if yer don’t believe it – just ask us!

Cowboy Lingo – “Went to a blow-out last night; got right irrigated but couldn’t dig up the dust and the joint took no jawbone. Now, my hat’s two sizes too small and they want to put my socks up to dry!”

“I drank too much at a dance last night, but couldn’t pay and they wouldn’t take credit. Now I’m hungover and management wants to hang me!”

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old west gunfight

old west gunfight

The Ugly . . .

Mirror – mirror on the wall – who’s the homeliest of them all?
These Shy Anne’s give womanhood a bad name.

And what gives with the beards and moustaches? Come on girls we hear tweezers do a dang fine job on yer excess facial hair!

Understandin’ Cowboys

“To understand open range lingo, all yer have ta do is know in advance what the other feller means, an’ then pay no heed to what he says!”

“The older we get, the better we were when we were younger!”


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Sassy Ladies Custom Ladies Hats

Sassy Ladies Custom Ladies Hats

Sassy Ladies Cowboy Hats

Why should men have all the fun?
Over the years, many of the wives and girlfriends that have ordered hats for their cowboys, have asked when we were going to do some strictly ladies hats. – so here we go, and remember ladies; back in the day all women’s hats had the bow on the right.

Exceptional Service from The Last Best West
Ladies, we will give you expert personal service designing your Traditional Old West, or Classic Western Movie Hat. If you don’t see what you want – send us a picture – and we’ll make our version of that hat.

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