Trail Dust

Trail Dust Josey Wales Western Movie Hat

Trail dust Our version of the Josey Wales has a bound brim edge and a satin ribbon and bow for the hat band, with the cav cord slid over it.

Trail Dust
Many customers have been requesting that we dirty up their new hats to make them look trail worn. Pictured is a dusty Josey Wales – our Josey Wales hat with many years’ worth of trail dust – as if a hard living horse soldier had been wearing it. Inset hat shows the hat clean and unsoiled.

We’ve got three different degrees of trail dust. Light (add $55.00) – medium (add $75.00), and heavy (add $95.00). Light would be what you see on our BOSS SPEARMAN medium would be like the dusting on the Rossiter; and heavy trail dust looks like our Josey Wales.

This is a similar process that costume designers apply to hats in the movies and t. v. Looks authentic and yore friends will swear yer just got off a trail drive, or a hitch in the Horse Cavalry! You can add trail dust during the check out process – or request it when you call your order in.