Movie Hats 1970-2000

From The Last Best West

There are many memorable westerns from 1970 to 2000, here’s a few of them.

Lonesome Dove :: Tombstone :: Outlaw Josey Wales :: Legends of the Fall :: Tom Horn :: Conagher :: Wyatt Earp :: Pale Rider :: Quigley Down Under :: Unforgiven

Legends of the Fall is one of those great epic westerns from this era. An excellent western story filmed in and around the Kananaskis area of The Last Best West. This epic story finds 3 brothers fighting their way through the first World War, and for the love of one woman, who the youngest son brings home, before he goes off to fight and die in Europe.

Tristan is the wild son, and of course the one that Susannah wants, but Tristan has some post traumatic stress to deal with after coming back from the war, that Susannah can’t understand or deal with.

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