Custom Rifle Sheaths

Shiloh Sharps Crow Sheath

Classic Native American rifle sheaths hand made by The Last Best West

Native Americans are masters at making useful leather clothing and covers, and have refined their abilities over thousands of years. Mountain men and trappers were the first whites to wander the wild places of the west, and they soon learned the value of fine leather work from the Indians.


Searchers Rifle SheathOur version of the Indian Rifle Sheath from the classic western film The Searchers {1956}. The Comanche style bead work is custom made for us by a skilled native craftswoman. The hide is milky soft and the long, spaghetti fringe gives it a dramatic look. Any fine rifle deserves a spectacular sheath.

Set right after the Civil War in North Texas, The Searchers is a powerful story, with great costuming. This is our version of the sheath Ethan Edwards is carrying with an 1866 Henry Repeating Arm in the rifle sheath.


Once your order is placed, we will e-mail you within 24 hours to confirm the order details, including your firearms dimensions.

Custom Made Rifle Scabbard

LEATHER RIFLE SCABBARD FOR HORSEBACK We’ve added two new hard shell rifle scabbards to our sheath lineup. See them below.

Made to order. Made to last. Made in America by the Cowboys and Indians at The Last Best West™.

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