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  • Custom Handmade Working Saddle - Expert workmanship and attention to detail makes this saddle show beautifully either in the arena or on the range. Please remember that something worth having takes time, and these are made one at a time by hand. So be patient please!
  • Classic Soft Leather Rifle Sheath hand-made by the last best west

    Protect your long arm with our beautiful Classic Indian Style Rifle Sheath, made to fit your firearm. We start off with garment quality leather and fashion this Indian Style rifle sheath to match the length of your long-arm. Cascading fringe gives it a unique look. Your choice of color is black or brown, and you can pick from 3 different beaded rosettes to personalize your sheath with. Enter your rosette choice and long arm description in the field provided below as you build your sheath.
  • Plains Indians Rifle Sheath

    Just about every family has a firearm heirloom passed down through the generations. Our beautiful hand made Indian rifle sheaths are just the thing to show and protect your valued long arm. We use the same high quality hide to make this sheath, adding ready-made bead work to finish off the design. This better quality sheath covers the action of your firearm, {like the Red Phoenix Sheath} leaving the stock exposed, and we've added a dynamic red edge to complete the frontier look. Please include not only your barrel length but length from front of barrel to the hammer. And the overall length of your firearm in the appropriate spot as you put your order together.
  • classic quality leather cowboy chaps from the last best west

    Bat-wing Custom Leather Chaps - Beautifully crafted from tough and durable chap leather, our Bat-wing Custom Leather Chaps style of chaps afford great leg coverage on horseback. This design also provides more air circulation and is thus somewhat cooler for hot-weather wear. Enter your chap measurements in the appropriate boxes. Directions for getting accurate chap measurements are in the gallery and just below on a tab. 250_white_filials
  • Lightweight shotgun Leather Chaps, with zipper closure, hand made by the last best west. We use premium quality leather to make these fine looking fringed shotgun chaps, that are perfect for summer wear. Nickle conchos run the leg of the chaps, and 6 Lone star conchos on the belt add a little sizzle to the design. Shown in a women's model but can just as easily be made for a man. Available in Black or Brown.
  • Ladies Hand Made Leather Holster and tapered gun belt in black. This is a great rig for a woman shooting Cowboy Action or Classic Cowboy. Our standard gun belt as shown has 18 loops and the holster wears equally well as a strong hand or cross draw holster. Our standard gun belt has a garrison buckle, and can be ordered as a billeted or tapered style. Shown here in a tapered style with a better buckle set.
  • Fancy Buscadero Leather Holster - Our Fancy Buscadero has loops all the way around, and the belt and holster have a distinctive border edging. Shown with better buckle #2, the holster comes with hammer and leg tie downs.
  • a classic western holster hand made by the last best west Black Knight Leather Holster - We had this chess piece Knight stamp custom made for our Paladin Buscadero. After we had a look at it - we liked it so much we decided to do it on our classic Slim Jim holster. Shown with a .45cal Schofield. We will custom make to fit your single action firearm. 250_white_filials
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