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service holsters for your semi-automatic firearm like the Colt M1911

from the last best west

ALL OUR HOLSTERS ARE LINED. Our gun belt backs are suede so the belt stays where it is buckled. All holsters have a hammer tie down or strap across the action. All our holsters can be ordered in either of the draw styles. Cross-draw or strong-hand draw. For the twist draw we recommend our classic Slim Jim holster.

Canadian Bat Masterson was one of the most feared and respected “Shooters” of the Old West. His skill with a hand gun was such that everyone kept theirs holstered with Masterson around. Inspired by Bat’s simple – yet elegant rig.

Belt (if you order the Rig) is 1 1/2″ – to accommodate belt loops on today’s britches. We made sure it fits Levi’s jeans, and when worn with a sport coat or longer coat, is the perfect holster for people with the conceal & carry permit. Holster can be ordered as either cross draw or strong hand draw style.

What does Custom mean?
We make our Hand Made Holsters, belts and Indian Rifle Sheaths to fit your firearms. We offer custom fit on our holsters for almost any pistol, and make our gun and cartridge belts to your waist and cartridge size. Enter your info in the comments box during checkout.

You get to confirm all details when we send you a production receipt once your order is received. Leather ships 3-5 weeks after the order is confirmed.

Made to order. Made to last. Made in America by the cowboys at The Last Best West.


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