About Beaver Fur Felt

About Beaver Fur felt

Beaver Fur Felt is dense and virtually waterproof. It consists of beaver and/or rabbit/hare fur blended with felt to produce a material that lasts 5-10 times longer than wool-felt.

A fine Beaver and Beaver blend fur-felt hat can be re-worked and shaped numerous times, and is the best material from which to manufacture hats.

In theory a higher beaver content should be denoted by a higher X factor – but unfortunately there is no standard within the hat making fraternity – and a lot of confusion.

On the Internet few hat sellers tell you what their fur-felt is comprised of – not to mention that we have even seen straw hats promoted as 100X. 

As a general rule of thumb if a hat maker just describes their hat bodies as fur-felt, chances are it’s rabbit or Hare.

 Hat makers who use beaver fur-felt are proud of it and will state so. We sell 3 quality beaver blends for our fine western hats – 5X, 20X and 100X. 5X is a blend of about 5% beaver with rabbit and felt. Our 20X is 50% beaver and our 100X is pure 100% beaver fur-felt.

For an all weather hat you can’t beat a pure beaver cowboy hat. Light, stiff and fabulous looking it’ll shed what ever comes its way. And consider this if you want a water resistant material: Beavers live in the water, rabbits in the dirt.

From the materials to the workmanship, you won’t find a better hat anywhere, at any price. We don’t make promises – like all real cowboys we believe that just saying a thing is promise enough.

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Undyed natural beaver fur felt

Our Lady Tristan hat in 100X Undyed natural beaver fur felt

True Old West Hats

Order your hat in 100X undyed, pure beaver fur-felt, and be one of the first to hearken back to an era in hat making a hundred and fifty years ago.

Because it has no dye in the hat body, the sun will fade the hat over time, giving it character and making it just as unique as its owner.

The first cowboy hats were made from 100% beaver fur-felt, natural and undyed, and unless the cowboy lost it or had it stolen – the hat lasted a lifetime.

For an all weather hat – nothing beats a traditional western hat made from pure beaver fur – it’s what old west cowboys wore.

Questions? E-mail us: service@thelastbestwest.com

Crown and Brim Measurements
We make custom cowboy hats so the crown and brim measurements are pretty much redundant. The hats you see online are our standard hats, if you want a specific crown and brim height we will confirm that after your order is received.

We can make up to a six (6″) inch crown and a five (5″) brim.

Any hat with a brim width of more than 4 inches we must start with an oversized hat body, which adds a little to the cost. Most of our cowboy hats have a crown height between 5 and 6 inches and a brim width of 3 1/2 to 4 inches. The hat styles shown with a wider brim include the Wasey, Quigley, Everett Hitch, Little J, many of our Rodeo Cowboy Hats and all our B-Movie hats.service@thelastbestwest.com

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Tom Horn hat

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