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Our hand-made hats ship in 6-8 weeks and our custom cowboy leather in 3-5 weeks.

The Last Best Cowboy Hat


Many thanks to all our dedicated clients who have made this possible! And we look forward to offering great custom cowboy leather and the internets largest selection of online custom hats for at least another 20 years. All made in the USA!

The Last Best West are designers and makers of hand made cowboy and western hats, leather holsters, sheaths, chaps, and other cowboy gear. We have over 170 different hat styles in our catalog; enough for even the finickiest cowboy to find a hat style they like! And if you love Old West History you’ll enjoy going through over a hundred pages full of  stories about the heroes and villains of the wild west.

If you are a returning client we say welcome back! And to all you fine folks who are visiting us for the first time – HOWDY! We’ve been online for 20 years and during that time our promise has stayed the same…to make no two of our custom cowboy hats and leather exactly the same. And it is this originality and individuality that brings clients back time and again to our order catalog.

We showcase everything from classic western styles from the 19th century to new versions of your favorite hats from the movies. So take your time, have a wander around. . .there’s lots to see in The Last Best West™. shop all our hatstestimonials ~ Click for our product catalog

Lee Majors as Heath Barkley

Lee Majors as Heath Barkley

Heath Barclay Cowboy Hat

Lee Majors rode his role as Heath Barkley on The Big Valley (1965-1969) to TV stardom. His career started in the early 1960s. With guest shots on a number of well known TV series like Gunsmoke and the Alfred Hitchcock Hour. As well as small parts in feature films like Clambake and Will Penny.

Then in 1965 he was cast as the youngest of the Barkley boys, in The Big Valley, and his career took off. By the time he made the 1973 TV movie, The Six Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors was a well known and liked TV star.

The TV movie was turned into one of the most popular series of the 1970s, and ran from 1974-1978.

Quotable Quotes

“The Old West is not a certain place in a certain time, it’s a state of mind. It’s whatever you want it to be.”

— Tom Mix



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Last Best West Cowboy Hats and Leather


Last Best West Cowboy Hats
We allow clients to switch hatbands between hat styles, and request different crown and brim dimensions. As well you get your name stenciled on the sweatband inside the hat.
Last Best West Leather
We make our Hand Made Holsters, belts and Indian Rifle Sheaths to fit your firearms. We offer custom fit on our holsters for almost any pistol, and make our gun and cartridge belts to your waist and cartridge size. Enter your info in the comments box during checkout.










Good evening (in SA), I am in love, really. This hat {pure beaver Justified}is just in another class. It is insanely beautiful! I have to say, not even Stetson comes Testimonial Justified Cowboy Hatclose. Please pass on my gratitude and appreciation towards everyone involved, especially the craftsmen. I have no words…I will start saving for my next one immediately! I have attached photos of just a few hours after I opened it. I will speak to you soon. Enjoy your long weekend weekend. 

Charl du Toit in South Africa Nov 29 2019

Dear Sonja,  Just to let you know my hat (Trampas) arrived yesterday in good condition. I am very pleased with it. Thank you for all your help and support. Kind regards, Ian in Scotland

Iain Mackay Nov. 5 2019

Hello, I wanted to thank you for this amazing hat! (Tristan) Brilliant craftsmanship, a perfect fit. I really couldn’t be happier! A little Fuller’s Earth has been added for the show I’m doing, but I think the photo does it justice. Thank you again!  

Jeremy Carter Re-enactor {June 22, 2019}

Got my hat you guys rock I’m in love with it!!! Best quality hat I’ve ever had the privilege of wearing!

Michael Young, October 12, 2019

Hi Sonja, We are loving James’s custom lid (Modified Custer) and wanted to send you a glimpse of its new home. Next time James will be gigging in it! Thanks for everything. Rhyl and James in Australia. 01-13-13

James Thornbury is a world-class guitar player and musician. Here’s a video on YouTube of James re-united and performing with seminal lues-rock band, Canned Heat.

James Thorbury, Musician

We just received Josey Wales around 3:00pm. The box looked like it had been just put together. There was no dents scraped or tears in it. Josey was out of his barn so to speak but was in beautiful shape which is testament to the quality of the work that you do the hat blew us away blew us away.

Rose Case {June 21, 2019}

Hat (Bullock) received…and I could not be more pleased with it. Your company is, hands down, my favorite hat-making company. You can quote me.

D. Grassé Author and Historian {July 12, 2019}

dear Sonja, OMG. congratulations Last Best West has hit another grand slam home run! My Tom Harte hat fits like it was made for me! oh that’s right, it was….i toss away in disdain the hat stretcher and padding you included with the hat. it fits like a glove. well, i may not LOOK like Thomas Hayden Church when i put it on my noggin, but i sure feel like him and THAT’s what counts. it is another work of art. thank you.

i’m house hunting in Texas where the actor lives (ssshhh). i hope if i wear it around town, i may get to meet him. it is perfect. i can barely keep myself from running into my study just to try it on agin’ wow. thank you. 

yer pard, Jack Mergott (soon to be a bony fide Texican) August 8 2019

ARRIVED!!!  And they (Combination Shoulder Holster) are stunning.  Thank you so much for the amazing turnaround.  That was light speed!  It’s going to our weapons department and heading to set…We have had to have custom leather holsters made for other shows like “Westworld” and “Mind Hunter” and your work is outstanding.  Love to circle back the next request. Please thank everyone for us, really appreciate the effort to make this happen! 

Very best, Tara ISS Studios {April 22, 2019}

Johnny Ringo Leather Holster

Classic Cowboy Leather

Hand Made Western Leather Holsters, Indian style rifle sheaths, chaps, and leather accessories that most every old west cowboy and wrangler would have needed to be a real working Buckaroo. Our old west single action holsters are true to the 19th century and perfect for SASS or cowboy action shooters.


Our gun belt backs are suede so the belt stays where it is buckled. With the exception of our shoulder holsters all holsters have a hammer tie down or strap. All our western holsters can be ordered in any draw style. Cross-draw or strong-hand draw. For the twist draw we recommend our classic Slim Jim holster :: Testimonials


Our Johnny Ringo holster is a closed toe design and made for quick draws with it’s trigger guard fully exposed from the holster. We’re showing our Johnny Ringo in our dynamic old mahogany color. Adorned with spots and conchos the Johnny Ringo holster and gun belt  is one eye catching rig! Find your gunbelt size :: Johnny Ringo Hat

Our leather cowboy holsters; belts and chaps are based on pictures from museums, archival photos and mail order catalogs from the late 1800s and early decades of the 20th century. And of course all the great Hollywood Westerns of the past 100 years.

In person the cowboys were mostly medium-sized men… quick and wiry, and as a rule very good-natured; in fact, it did not pay to be anything else. In character, their like never was or will be again. – Teddy Blue Abbott; Cowboy 1882


Authentic Wanted Posters and Old West Badges

 Our three lines of original poster art (Old West PostersAuthentic Wanted Posters, and Legends of the West) can be seen all over the world, from homesteads and club houses to fancy Dance Halls and Saloons. Our ever popular old west badges  are authentic in size and weight to the origins, and are a favorite of re-enactors and are often seen in western films and series.

The Last Best West by Longfellow


If a cowboy hat is a regular part of your attire, and you think that black jeans are dress pants, then you are going to want to read The Last Best West™ . This is the book that started our website 20 years ago. Written by Longfellow it tells a powerful story of revenge and redemption.

Set in 1896 amidst the chaos of the Klondike Gold Rush, The Last Best West™ tells the story of a lifelong grudge between Wasey Bruce and Poke Roberts. Their hatred travels the breadth of the North American West and sets the men on different paths for the gold fields of the Klondike River. Fate brings the men  together again in Dawson City, where millionaires are a dime a dozen and horses are as rare as a pretty woman. See at