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Our hand-made hat cutoff for Christmas is November 18th and for leather is November 30th, so keep that in mind as you are shopping our site for that perfect cowboy gift!

Made to order. Made to last.
Made in America.

Christmas is fast approaching, and your time is valuable so when you find the perfect gift, BUY IT! And mark that one off of Santa’s list!   

And what could be finer than to be in Carolina with a new hat on Christmas morning? Click for our hat and product catalog

We have somewhere around 150 different hat styles in our catalog; enough for even the finickiest cowboy to find a hat style they like! Everything from classic western styles from the 19th century to new versions of your favorite hats from the movies.

And don’t forget to look over our great leather department. There you’ll find custom fit holsters and gun belts as well as lots of other leather goods that any cowboy would treasure!

Our hand made hats ship in 6- 8 weeks and our custom cowboy leather in 3-5 weeks


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Customers Love our cowboy gear – read all about it here!

For those visitors visiting us for the first time, we strive for accuracy and authenticity in the cowboy hats, and classic cowboy leather we reproduce from the 19th and early decades of the 20th century.

We make period correct cowboy hats and leather gear, so if you are a SASS or Cowboy Action Shooter you will definitely want to look over our many Western and Cowboy Movie Hat or holster and gun belt reproductions. Check our hat index 

And if you have a favorite western or cowboy movie hat (who doesn’t!) chances are we make it or have something close that we can modify.

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The Last Best West
Custom Cowboy Hats and Leather

Orders can call Toll FREE 1-866-207-1909 ~ e-mail us at service@thelastbestwest.com


What does custom mean?

We allow clients to switch hatbands between hat styles, and request different crown and brim dimensions. As well you get your name stenciled on the sweatband inside the hat.
We make our Hand Made Holsters, belts and Indian Rifle Sheaths to fit your firearms. We offer custom fit on our holsters for almost any pistol, and make our gun and cartridge belts to your waist and cartridge size. Enter your info in the comments box during checkout.


Hand Made Cowboy Hats

Quigley Cowboy Hat

We make some of the best cowboy hats and finest custom hats around, and The Last Best Cowboy hat is our signature brand.

All our hats are hand-made in the old west way – one at a time.  We start with the best fur-felt hat body – made in the USA – and fashion as fine a custom hand-made hat as you can find anywhere.

You have our promise to make no two custom pieces exactly the same. It is this originality and individuality, coupled with our legendary quality, that brings clients back time and again to our index of The Last Best West Cowboy Hats and Leather order catalog :: Testimonials

Don’t follow the herd – strike out on your own with a classic custom cowboy hat and leather from The Last Best West.

Made to order. Made to last. Made in America.


We make working cowboy hats so all our hat bodies are color fast and will not run in the rain or wet snow.

You have 19 colors to choose from to have your hand made cowboy hat made from.

Our latest couple of colors were added in 2016. Buckskin, a nice warm earth tone and can be seen in our Frontera movie hat.

Our Union Cavalry Hat is shown in the other new color we added, NAVY BLUE.

Change the color to SAHARA or SILVER MIST and you have the Confederate version of this Civil War era Cavalry Hat. continued 

Classic Cowboy Leather  from the last best west

Back in the 1880s cowboys earned a dollar a day if they were good, and the luxury of a hand crafted leather holster, gun belt, or some other fine leather work might often be determined by their own skill or talent as a leather worker.

In the nineteenth century people of the west were much more self-sufficient, and the homesteaders or ranchers were by necessity resourceful and ingenious. Because in those days you couldn’t always ride to town and get what they wanted or needed.

So they made it – or paid a neighbor who was skilled to do it. Or you bartered your services for his. We try to stay as true to the old west makers as we can, and have incorporated what we found works over years of wear and use.


“Doin’ right ain’t got no end. . . .” Captain ‘Red Legs’ Terrill from The Outlaw Josey Wales. {1976}

1866 Yellow Boy

The Winchester 1866 Sporting Rifle, one of the first large calibre lever action rifles. This was the rifle carried by Gus in Lonesome Dove

Our hand-made hats and custom leather are made to order and to last!

Our badges and three lines of original poster art (Old West Posters, Authentic Wanted Posters, and Legends of the West) can be seen all over the world, from homesteads and club houses to fancy Dance Halls and Saloons. So take your time, have a mosey around. . .there’s a lot to see in The Last Best West.

“Being a Cowboy ain’t so much what you do – it’s who you are.” ©