Hat Size

Hat Sizes


You should know your hat size – just like you know your shoe size, pant or shirt size. 

If you are new to wearing sized hats it is always a good idea to visit your nearest mall and try on a few.  That way you know the fit and what your size is. 

  • Most hat sizes have only 3/8th of an inch difference between them, so just a 1/4 inch makes a big difference in the fit of a sized / fitted hat.
  • If you are a hat person, order your usual North American hat size. Our sizing is the same. The chart at right gives our standard hat sizing and the corresponding European sizes.
  • If you own a good hat, and can’t remember the size, turn the sweatband down and look at the underside. Most good hat makers will write key info on the back, including the hat size.
  • If you only know your hat size in cm, find the corresponding hat size at right to order, then add your size in cm to the production notes as you put your hat order together.

Refund Policy

We are making a hand made Custom Old West, or Western Movie Hat for you. You will keep it. 99% of orders everything will go smooth. In the odd situation where it doesn’t – we will make you happy, and get it right 100% of the time.

Our Most Common Hat Question

Q: I’m looking for a ____ Hat. I checked your product catalog and didn’t see it. Can you make it? 
A: In most cases, yes. I’m sure you can appreciate it’s just not possible to show all the different variations of crowns and brims. If it’s made from fur-felt and you can supply us a good picture – yes we can make it.

Generally we already carry the same style of hat, we just shape it based on the photo or if it’s a movie hat we shape it from watching the movie and seeing the hat from all possible angles to get the look just so. We can do up to a 6″ (inch) high crown and a 5″ wide brim.   click for the rest of our hat facts

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