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Sassy Ladies is for all the wives, girlfriends, mothers and daughters who cheer their Cowboys on, or participate in SASS and Cowboy Action Shoots. Now treat yourself and get a finely made Ladies Cowboy Hats to rival your fella’s!

Why should men have all the fun?
Here we go ladies – over the years you asked us when we were going to do some strictly custom ladies hats. So here they are. And remember ladies, back in the day all women’s hats had the bow on the right. HAT COLORS

We were proud to create the hats for the 2012 Miss Me Jeans advertising campaign. Seen here is Australian model, Emma Ishta, wearing a modified Lady, Bandidas, and Lady Rifleman hats.

Custom Ladies Hat

Our Bandidas Custom Ladies Hat

Custom Ladies Hat

Our classic Rifleman custom ladies hat

Custom Ladies Hats

1898 Bow for a Cowboy Hat

The 1898 Bow – a classic bow style from the 19th century.

1898 Bow

This was a common bow style of the 19th century. If you prefer this bow style for any of our hats, just request it when your hat details are confirmed via e-mail.

Ladies Bow

Back in the 19th century and the first several decades of the 20th century, when hats were a very common part of every day dress, women’s hats had the bow on the right hand side.

Most of our ladies hat styles feature the bow on the right. If you want the bow on the right, or to tell us anything else, just enter it in the comments section during checkout.

Custom Ladies Hats

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone as the Lady with No Name in 1995s gunfighter flick, The Quick and the Dead.

Lady Gunfighter Hat

from The Quick and the Dead {1995}


This highly stylized western film has a cast of impressive actors with Sharon Stone playing the Lady with No Name.  She rides into town to out draw the gunfighters who have come to compete in a fast draw tournament.

The tournament is being sponsored by the evil Herod, who has the towns pecker in his pocket, delightfully played by Gene Hackman.

There are all kinds of goofy characters and gimmicky gunfighters {Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobin Bell, Kevin Conway, Keith David, and Lance Henriksen} all willing to sell their lives for the cash prize that goes to the last man, er woman standing. Well perhaps not the Preacher played by Crowe.

Our Custom Lady Hat has a variation of a cattleman’s crease, with a gentle hand roll to the brim. Our version comes with a 1/4″ satin ribbon and bow, tied off Cavalry style. For an extra 15 dollars you can add the black and beige narrow horse hair hat band shown on the hat.

Custom Ladies Hat

Sarah and Maria

300_maria_hat_437Custom Ladies Hat

Bandidas from the 2006 movie

This 2006 movie is dang entertaining, and the chemistry between the 2 ladies is what makes this movie hum and sing.

We watched this movie 3 times until we started noticing the hats! The girls go through quite a variety – this is one of the ones worn as Maria.

Well acted, the story is simple: Rich, greedy bastards swindling poor and rich alike in their quest to get all the land for the railroad right-of-way – with only Sarah and Maria standing in their way.

Steve Zahn has a role that most men can only dream about, and the scene where the girls are teasing him on the bed is pure gold. Bandidas has a bunch of great actors and hats and the girls are fun-fun-fun in this entertaining movie.

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