Executive Saddle Bags

If you do a lot of business out of your car – you can easily slide the bags over the passenger seat headrest, keeping all your important gear from flying around and easy to access.

Executive Saddle Bags

Another original product from The Last Best West

These unique executive saddle bags will show your cowboy style.  Simple and elegant the over sized saddle bags are a functional alternative to cumbersome briefcases.

Load these custom saddle bags with all your business gear; throw them over your shoulder and walk a city block or two. You’ll never go back to carrying a briefcase.

The heavy executive saddle bags can easily hold most anything, including your lap top, legal size folders, binders, note books, and cables. Inside you will find sleeves to hold your wallet, pens, or even a memory stick. We’ve even put a cell phone sleeve on the outside neck, and a heavy duty handle for ease of handling.

Saddle Bags are a natural ergonomic design, because the double bags distribute the weight evenly over your chest, back and shoulders. Freeing up both hands, and substantially reducing the stress on your arm, neck, and shoulders from lugging an overloaded briefcase for blocks at a time.

The American Chiropractic Association recommends that back packs not exceed 8 pounds of weight when empty. Our oversized executive saddle bags are just 5 pounds when empty or barely 2.5 kg’s.

Executive Saddle Bags are available in our five colors

Black, Saddle Tan, Antique Brown, Deadwood Brown and Old Mahogany.

Executive Saddle Bags

Executive Saddle Bags

Cowboy Action Shooters

Will find these oversized saddle bags just the thing to carry all your cowboy action tools. You can easily store a gunbelt; two holsters; spurs, wild rags and ammo.

And that’s just in one side.

On the other side you can carry a two pistol case and more ammo, and in most cases when the flaps are locked the bags are legal for firearm transport.

200_saddlebags_4wheeler0_19What Clients Say:
From: dockoury@ Sent: Monday, September 07, 2009  RE: Executive Saddle Bags. Hi Sonja, The saddle bags are GREAT! They look good and fit ALL modes of transportation…Have a great day. GKoury, MD

( The Doc has a 3 mile jaunt to his office; he either rides his horse, 4 wheeler, or his motorcycle.)

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The roomy interior easily holds your lap top, cables, wallet, pens, with plenty of room to spare. And having 2 bags doubles your carrying ability. Large clip boards, binders, receipt books all easily fit within the oversized design. Small locks (NOT included) will effectively secure the flaps if locking is important.

Executive Saddle Bags

These quality leather saddle bags are hand made and each side will hold everything from lap tops to pistol cases and spurs

Executive Saddle Bags

Show here in Deadwood Brown with optional hair on hide flaps.

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