Rodeo Cowboy Hats

Rodeo Cowboy Hats

It’ll drive a cowboy crazy
It’ll drive the man insane
And he’ll sell off everything he owns
Just to pay to play her game
And a broken home and some broken bones
Is all he’ll have to show
For all the years that he spent chasin’
this dream they call Rodeo

-Garth Brooks-

Rodeo Cowboy Hats

Custom Rodeo Cowboy Hats
hand made modern cowboy hats by the last best west

Every year at the National Finals Rodeo and The Calgary Stampede many of the cowboys competing are wearing our hats. A cowboy needs a good hat and we are proud to make some of the best working Cowboy hats available anywhere. Professional rodeo champions wear our high performance working hats. Get one yourself and then you will know why we call it The Last Best Cowboy Hat!  

For more information go to our fact page and you’ll learn all about our great cowboy, western hats and fedoras and how we do it. We also have information about our beaver fur felt, available colors, hat sizing , as well as some sections on general hat care, and Cowboy Hat Etiquette. Lots of information to go through, if you are so inclined! 

We know Rodeos. We know Cowboys. And we know rodeo cowboy hats! For most hat styles we can do up to a 6″ (inch) crown and a 5″ brim.

Being a Cowboy ain’t so much what yer do – it is who you are. ©


Rodeo Cowboy hats

Line Dancer Rodeo Cowboy hat

Line Dancer

Custom hand-made Rodeo Cowboy Hat

In the early 1990s country music star, Garth Brooks, took his traditional country sound and mixed in pop music, and the popularity of country music soared.

Clint Black, Alan Jackson, and the rest of Nashville rode shotgun and all of a sudden anything to do with the country or western lifestyle was in demand around the world.

The 1990s was when denim really entered the traditional workplace and stores couldn’t stock enough rodeo cowboy hats, boots and jeans to keep up with demand. This hat style reminds us of those days.

Before long world class designers were revamping or introducing their own jean designs, and Bankers in Germany were wearing Hugo Boss Jeans with their Hugo Boss sport coats. And Line Dancing TV shows were everywhere – the way poker shows are now. Thanks Mr. Brooks!

Made to order. Made to last.
Made in America by the Cowboys at The Last Best West.

Yakima Canutt

The Life of a Rodeo Cowboy

Every year hundreds of Rodeo Cowboys pay their own way from rodeo to rodeo, all across the west, in the hopes of qualifying for the Calgary Stampede Rodeo and the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

Getting in to the top fifteen is impressive enough, but winning takes more than guts and determination. The overall winner generally displays superior skill and talent, and quite often superior luck as well.

Because if the cowboy doesn’t get the right draw of a horse, bull or steer that’ll perform for him – he ain’t gonna win. Real simple. 

Shown here is legendary Rodeo Star – Yakima Canutt displaying some of his buckles and trophies – circa 1920. Yakima went on to be a silent movie star and perhaps the world’s first stuntman and action director. Canutt got his nick-name, at one of his first Rodeos in Washington State, when the Ring Announcer told the audience, “Here comes that young cowboy from Yakima. More about Yak Canutt

These current and former professional cowboys wear our rodeo cowboy hats

Bobby Mote
Jesse Bail
Joe Gunderson
Jason Havens
Joey Bell Jr.
Charley Crawford
Jeff Willert
Scott Montague
Cody Taton
Chuck Schmidt
Ardie Maier
Bobby Welsh
Kelly Timberman
Chad Ferley
J.J. Elshere
Jeff Davis
Cimmaron Gerke
Cleve Schmidt
Kanin Asay
Tom Reeves
Andy Martinez
And Canadians
Davey Shields Jr.
Kyle Daines
Todd Herzog

Rodeo Cowboy Hat

Our signed Nashville Stars Ladies Line Dancer hat from our trip to Nashville in November of 2013. We had a grand time!

Browse our Custom Hand Made Rodeo Hats

  • Line Dancer Rodeo Hat

    Line Dancer Rodeo Hat - hand made by the last best west In the early 1990s country music star, Garth Brooks, took his traditional country sound and mixed in pop music, and the popularity of country music soared. Clint Black, Alan Jackson, and the rest of Nashville rode shotgun and all of a sudden anything to do with the country or western lifestyle was in demand around the world.
        • CROWN: 4 1/4" Modified Canadian
        • BRIM: 4 3/4" Hand Curled and bound
        • Color: bone
        • Hatband: 1″ satin ribbon w/bow.
        • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Top Hand Cowboy Hat

    Top Hand Cowboy Hat - A Hybrid Cowboy Hat – between the traditional and the modern. 19th Century Cavalry crown working, combined with a modern rodeo turn to the brim. Setting the whole look off is a contrasting bound brim, and satin hat band. This is one of the most popular looks sported by professional cowboys. This hat will get lots of attention at the barn dance, or in the winner's circle.
    • Crown: 5" inches 3 Pinch Cavalry Crease
    • Brim: 4 1/4" inches Hand Curled and bound
    • Color: Bone
    • Hatband: Contrasting chocolate brown 1/2″ Satin Ribbon w/Matching bound edge
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Bull Rider Custom Hat

    Bull Rider Custom Hat - A sixteen time World Champion offers his view on what makes people flock to the bull-riding event at every rodeo, “It’s the same reason people glance off the road to get a better look at a car wreck. It’s why the Romans went to the Coliseum to see the lions eat the Christians. People don’t want to see somebody die, but they darn sure want to be there when he does.” 
    • Crown:Canadian
    • Color:Chocolate
    • Brim: Hand Curled and bound
    • Hatband:1″ satin ribbon w/bow. Contrasting pecan bound edge.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Cutter Custom Handmade Hat

    Cutter Custom Handmade Hat - This big hat has a 6 inch crown and a 4 3/4″ brim width. This hat is a cousin of our Little Bill hat from that Oscar Winning movie by Clint Eastwood, Unforgiven.
    • Crown:modified cattleman with side dent
    • Color:Black
    • Brim: Hand Shaped -Open
    • Hatband:1/2″ fur-felt self buckle. With feather.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Chute Boss Custom Hat

    Chute Boss Custom Hat - The Chute Boss is responsible for telling the competitors their order, getting the stock set for the right riders, and ensuring everything’s as it should be before the chute’s opened and the cowboy and critter explode out into the infield. An important job demands an important hat.
    • Crown:Cattleman Crease
    • Color:Sahara
    • Brim: Hand Curled and Bound
    • Hatband:1/2″ satin with bow, with matching bound edge
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Tall in the Saddle Hat

    Tall in the Saddle Hat - One of the most distinctive of the dozens of variations of the traditional Cattleman’s crease this beauty will have you sitting tall in the saddle everywhere you go. The sleek and elegant shape of this Custom high crown cowboy hat will look good in the boardroom – or on the range.
    • Crown:Modified Cattleman Crease
    • Color:Silver Belly
    • Brim: Hand Curled and Open
    • Hatband:1/2″ satin cavalry tie off.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown
  • Bronc Buster Custom Hat

    Bronc Buster Custom Hat - Young horses need to be broke, and that means riding them to a standstill – until they start accepting a man on their back and respond to the reins. It takes a lot longer than 8 seconds to saddle break a young mount, and the cowboy that can do that commands top wages on any spread he wants to work on.
    • Crown:Modified Cattleman Crease
    • Color:Black.
    • Brim: Hand Curled and Bound
    • Hatband:3/4″ satin with bow. Blue contrasting bound edge.
    • Personalized with your name inside the crown

  • Open Range Leather Chaps - a traditional step-in shotgun chap design from the last best west Our Leather Master has been working with leather, hide and fur for more than 30 years, and over his career has made close to a thousand pairs of chaps. For truly authentic, Handmade Leather Chaps and leather accessories you've come to the right place! The style of our Open Range Handmade Leather Chaps, with the 2 front pockets, was likely the most common design worn by working cowboys of the 19th century, and up to modern times. The step in design has a leather gusset down the back of the leg that you step through to put the chaps on. Enter your chap measurements in the appropriate boxes. 250_white_filials
  • Wide-leg Fringed Shotgun Chaps - - With zipper or clip closure - made to order by the last best west These are excellent work chaps...we use heavy, oiled chap leather to produce these good looking, hard-wearing shotgun chaps. Similar to the chaps shown on the 1880s cowboy to the right; and if you'd like yours to have pockets; just ask. All details of your order are confirmed within 1 business day of your order being placed. We close them with a good heavy zipper, and we run fringe down the leg to hide the zipper from view. Available in light or mid-brown oiled leather.
  • Lightweight shotgun Leather Chaps, with zipper closure, hand made by the last best west. We use premium quality leather to make these fine looking fringed shotgun chaps, that are perfect for summer wear. Nickle conchos run the leg of the chaps, and 6 Lone star conchos on the belt add a little sizzle to the design. Shown in a women's model but can just as easily be made for a man. Available in Black or Brown.

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