Classic Remington Advetisement

Henry Fonda portraying a hard ass Custer type Commander in 1946s
Cavalry epic, Fort Apache

Classic Cowboy Hats

There is little doubt that the overall impression made by any hat is by the clothing worn with it, and even more importantly the person standing under it.

So why did the wearing of a good quality hat virtually stop in the 1970s?

There are a number of theories as to why this happened, but we have a different thought. Throughout human history the majority of people lived on farms, or ranches, and generally worked outside for part or all of a day. In all weather conditions.

More heat loss occurs through the top of the head than any other spot on our body, making a good hat to retain warmth and protect you from the elements a necessity.

By the 1960s this rural population trend was reversed. Today something like sixty-five percent of North Americans live in a city or town. In the city people tend to work and live in climate controlled buildings.

Our need to stay warm and protect our face and eyes from the weather just does not have the same urgency it had a hundred and fifty years ago.


Authentic Designs from The Last Best West

Our custom hats are made the old fashioned way, by hand and one at a time. We start with the best fur-felt hat body available – made in the USA – and we will fashion as fine a custom hat as you can find.

You’ve worn the rest – now own the best!

Dodge City Cowboy Movie Hat

Dodge City Cowboy Movie Hat in long haired frontier fur-felt


The Dodge City shown is made with long hair Beaver fur-felt. Some call it SHAGGY and some call it GRIZZLY; we prefer the name FRONTIER fur-felt to describe it, as the hat is unsanded and would have been what the very first beaver fur-felt hats would have been like. All about hats and how we do it. :: Testimonials

You’ve likely seen this look before in a western movie. You can generally spot a long haired fur-felt in most of the westerns filmed in the 1930s and 40s. Errol Flynn wore it in several of his western movies. Click for more about our Dodge City Hat.

Has all the same characteristics as our fine, standard hat bodies – just a longer finish to the fur of the hat.

You can request Frontier Fur Felt for any of our hats. Just add it to the comment window on the order, or ask when your hat details are confirmed with Sonja, within a day of your purchase being made. No extra charge.

Destry Rides Again Movie HatDestry Rides Again

Classic Cowboy Movie from 1939

Destry Rides Again

Marlene Dietrich is holding tight to Jimmy Stewart as the lead starts to fly in, Destry Rides Again. {1939}

Brian Donleavy plays a crooked businessman with the town of Bottleneck in his pocket.

As a joke Donleavy has his corrupt Judge appoint the town drunk, Dimsdale, to be the new sheriff.

But little do the bad guys realize that Dimsdale used to work for Legendary Sheriff, Tom Destry. When Destry shows up, the town toughs are so impressed they call the new deputy Cup Cake.

1939 is often referred to as the Movies Greatest Year. Some classics include: Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach, Wuthering Heights, Mr. Smith goes to Washington, and Dodge City.



Gary Cooper is one of our favorite old time movie stars, and once again he excels as everyman, Cole Hardin, in The Westerner

Gary Cooper is one of our favorite old time movie stars, and once again he excels as every man, Cole Hardin, in The Westerner {1940}

The Westerner 

Classic Cowboy Movie from 1940

In the WesternerCole Hardin drifts into Vinergaroon, Texas and falls into the hands of self-appointed Hanging Judge, Roy Bean, played by Walter Brennan.

Hardin claims to have met Lilly Langtree, one of the most famous singers of the day, and whom the Judge idolizes.

This saves Cole from being hung, and the two men enter into an unlikely friendship that dovetails to the movie’s end. Shot in black and white, the movie moves at a good pace and is quite engaging. Cooper made a ton of great westerns, and is likely best remembered for his role in High Noon, with Grace Kelly.

The Texican

Audie Murphy played many western hero's, and even a few villains.

Audie Murphy played many western hero’s, and even a few villains.

Classic western movie from 1966

Audie Murphy’s favorite Cowboy hat

Of the 44 movies Audie Murphy made, 33 were westerns and this hat style was worn in many of them.

Films like Seven Ways from SundownThe Texican, Destry, Gunsmoke, Ride a Crooked Trail, and The Unforgiven, are just a few.

Sometimes it had the front dent, sometimes not.  You can decide which you want.


Audie Murphy Medal of Honor recipient

Texican movie hat

To Hell and Back was Universal Pictures top money maker until Jaws in 1975.

At the age of 20 and standing only 5’5″ tall, Audie Murphy looked nothing like the most decorated (including the CMH) combat soldier in American history, but he was.

And with his movie star good looks, he was invited out to Hollywood where he soon became a Matinee Idol.

In 1948 he wrote his autobiography To Hell and Back, which quickly became a best seller.

In 1955, To Hell and Back became a major motion picture, with Murphy playing himself.

The movie traces how Audie ended up in the army, and the battles he was part of, but its focus was more on the comraderie between the men in his platoon.

Murphy was an aw-shucks kind of guy who seldom spoke of his medals or war exploits, and who apparently insisted that a ghostly roll call be included at the end of the movie, in tribute to his fallen friends. The entire movie can be watched on line at YouTube.

One of our favorite war movies, it was a huge hit and has several memorable scenes and lines including this one from Marshal Thompson, “Come on! They can kill us, but they can’t eat us! That’s against the rules!”