Buffalo Bill Cody History

Buffalo Bill Cody History

Young Guns Circa 1870 Poster
Charley Utter, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Texas Jack Omohundro, Elisha Green

Buffalo Bill Cody History

A story of the real west from the last best west

Buffalo Bill Cody Cowboy HatBuffalo Bill Cody’s show business career began at the age of 26, on December 17, 1872 in Chicago. Ned Buntline (The man that immortalized Cody, Hickok, and scores of other Wild West personalities in his dime novels) had written a play called “The Scouts of the Prairie“.

Buffalo Bill appeared in it, as did Buntline, and another well-known scout – Texas Jack Omohundro. Reviews of Cody’s acting was mixed but he had a easy-going charm which the audience loved and Buffalo Bill was a natural showman.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Congress of Roughriders” used real cow-boys and cow-girls, recruited from ranches in the West. When the show first started few people shared Cody’s admiration of the cow-boys. The public regarded them as coarse cattle drivers and used the term “cow-boy” as an insult. Because of Buffalo Bill by the end of the 19th century, the cow-boy became the much more popular “cowboy.”

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West shows demonstrated bronco riding, roping, and other skills that later cowboy’s would compete against each other at rodeos. Today professional cowboys compete all over North America for prize money totalling in excess of a million dollars.


Old West Character Hat

Longfellow posing with Spokane Cody at the End of Trails festival in Cody Wyoming, 2006

The Real West

The real wild west started in about 1866 after the American Civil War and coincided with the begin of the big Texas cattle drives.

Cattle had been running wild and multiplying all over Texas during the Civil War. So when the soldiers returned to being cowboys they rounded up all they could lasso, and headed north and east to the rail heads. The East was clamouring for fresh beef and the Texas ranches and cowboys were glad to oblige.

The raw western frontier with Cowboys, and Gamblers, Shootist’s and Marshal’s, Buffalo and Indians; barely lasted fifty years.

Yet the legend continues to grow; Cowboy Hats and Boots are part of the World’s wardrobe, and the western mystic is embraced by million’s of enthusiasts around the globe.

All of this could not have happened without Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show, and the man who started Cody off on his career as an entertainer – Ned Buntline and his dime novels of the majestic and mysterious west.


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