M1911 Officers Holster Ready to Ship

M1911 Officers Holster Ready to Ship


M1911 Officers Holster Ready to Ship in Old Mahogany based on a WWII original flap Holster  Final sale.

  • Color: Old Mahogany
  • Size: Fits a .45ACP 5″ barrel.



M1911 Officers M1911 Officers Holster Ready to Ship

Our M1911 Officers Service Holster is based on a WWII original flap Holster

We found an original World War II M1911 holster at an antique arms show. We then made our version of this work horse military design.

The only difference from the original is that we have dropped the brass accessory that you would use to hang the holster from a web belt. We’ve widened the back loop to take up to a 2 1/2″ belt. And like the original, our holster is angled away from the leg for better accessibility.

Our holster is shown in our old Mahogany color.

All our hand made leather holsters are made in America, and our Leather Master has been working with leather, hide and fur since 1978. For truly authentic, original gun leather you’ve come to the right place!

All our sizes are in INCHES. All prices are in USD. ALL OUR HOLSTERS ARE LINED. Our gunbelt backs are suede so the belt stays where it is buckled.  And all of our holsters have a hammer tie down or strap for security.

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American officer with a French Resistance fighter taking back Paris in 1944.

American officer with a French Resistance fighter taking back Paris in 1944.

Additional information

Color - Leather

Antique Brown, Black, Deadwood Brown, Old Mahogany, Saddle Tan


Shipping time is 3-5 weeks from the time the order is confirmed by you.

Note: No firearms or cartridges are included with our hand made leather products.

Correct Gun Belt or Pants Belt Measurement

If you want to keep it simple your belt size is
almost always about 4 inches larger than your jean size.
Ex: If you wear a
size 40 jean you would order a 44 inch belt.

correct gunbelt measurement

correct gunbelt measurement

Getting the correct gun belt measurement is easy if you follow some simple steps.

  1. Put on a pair of britches/pants you plan to wear with your gun belt

  2. Have handy any belt that currently fits you. You can even use a piece of string.

  3. Put the belt on and buckle it where you will wear your gun belt Slightly down over your hips in most cases. Remember the gun belt will be supporting another 4 pounds per pistol and holster {about 3 lbs for the pistol; 1 lb for the holster} That weight will drag the belt down. You may want to go another notch tighter in your measuring.

  4. Make note of the most comfortable hole in which the buckle goes through.

  5. Lay the belt on a flat surface and measure from the end of the buckle to the most comfortable hole. See picture below.

  6. Distance from the buckle end to the centre hole of your belt will be the measurement you supply us with. This is now your gun-belt size.

  7. Generally this measurement should be about 3 to 4 inches larger than your jean size.


Quality Leather Belt


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