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    a classic holster hand made by the last best west This is also the same style holster that Kurt Russell wears as Wyatt Earp in the excellent western film, Tombstone {1993}. Final sale. This is a sample holster and is UNLINED.
    • Draw: Right Hand Strong Draw
    • Length: fits a 45LC Schofield with a 7" barrel.
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    Mister Howard - Ready to ship Homburg in 50% (20X) Beaver - Size 7 3/8 Our take on the Mister Howard Homburg Dress Hat is an authentic Milliner design from the 19th century and was worn all over the world. Hat is worn by Brad Pitt as Jesse James in the western character study, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. more like this here.


    THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition. Final sale.
    • CROWN: 4 1/2 inches
    • BRIM: 3 inches
    • Hatband: 1 1/2" inch satin ribbon with bow.
    • Crown: Center Crease
    • Brim: Kettle Curl Bound
    • Size 7 3/8
    • 5X BLACK Beaver Fur felt
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    A ready to ship quality leather holster by the last best west

    Our leather cowboy holsters; belts and chaps are based on pictures from museums, archival photos and mail order catalogs from the late 1800s and early decades of the 20th century. And of course all the great Hollywood Westerns of the past 100 years.

    • Condition: New
    • Color: Deadwood Brown
    • Size: fits a Colt Peacemaker or Clone .45LC 7 1/2" barrel
    • Draw: Right hand strong draw
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    Gunfighter Leather Belt Ready to Ship

    2 1/2" INCH WIDE Infinity stitching Leather Gun Belt with NO Cartridge Loops

    Our classic Vin (Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven) Gunfighter Leather Belt ready to ship.  Final sale.
    • No loops with infinity stitching.
    • Size: 45" to center hole and will fit a 39-42 pant size.
    • Color: Antique brown as shown.
    • matches to our Vin Holster
    • IN NEW CONDITION (display item)
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    Good Indian Rifle Sheath Ready to Ship - a classic Indian Rile sheath hand-made by the last best west Make a real old west statement with our beautiful Good Indian Rifle Sheath for your prized long arm. This rough-out or suede rifle scabbard has a long fringe, and a fold over weather flap with button for closure against the rain and snow. Decorated with beaded rosettes and studs. Comes with a matching pouch / possibles bag. Just about every family has a firearm heirloom passed down through the generations. Our beautiful hand made Indian rifle sheaths are just the thing to show and protect your valued long arm. Final sale.
    • Length: 38 inches
    • Color: Brown
    • Like new condition (display item)
    • comes with matching medicine pouch
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    Heavy Oilskin Leather Chaps Ready to Ship- - With zipper closure - made to order by the last best west These are excellent work chaps...we use heavy, oiled chap leather to produce these good looking, hard-wearing shotgun chaps. Similar to the chaps shown on the 1880s cowboy in the picture.  We close them with a good heavy zipper, and we run fringe down the leg to hide the zipper from view. Final Sale.
    • Color: Mid-Brown as shown in the pictures.
    • Size: 40" Waist.  31" inseam.  Upper thigh 21.  Knee 18.  Calf 18.
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    shotgun Leather Chaps ready to ship, with zipper closure, We use premium quality leather to make these fine looking fringed shotgun chaps, that are perfect for summer wear. Nickle conchos run the leg of the chaps, and 6 Lone star conchos on the belt add a little sizzle to the design. Shown in a women's model but can just as easily be worn by a man. Available in Brown. Final sale.
    • Size: Ladies size 10.  29" leg - these chaps will fit a 29-32" inseam
    • Color: Brown
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    Paladin Buscadero Ready to Ship Leather Holster - the classic western buscadero hand made by the last best west Our Classic Buscadero is sleek and elegant - patterned after that holster worn by Richard Boone as Paladin in Have Gun Will Travel. Rig comes with hammer and leg tie downs. Final sale.
    • Color: Black with Knight Design on Holster
    • Buckle: Better buckle set - coat of arms
    • Draw: Right hand draw
    • Size: Fits 40-42" waist
    • Made for a .45LC firearm with a 7 1/2" barrel.
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    M1911 Tactical Holster Ready to Ship Our M1911 Tactical Holster is hand-made in leather and has a fast release hammer strap for super fast acquisition, and firearm safety. Final Sale.
    • with fast release hammer strap hand-made by the last best west
    • COLOR: Saddle Tan
    • Fits a Springfield .45ACP 5" barrel 
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    Johnny Ringo Rig ready to ship and hand made by the last best west A classic Hollywood holster and gun belt- from Tombstone. {1993} This closed toe design is made for quick draws with the trigger guard fully exposed from the holster. We're showing our Johnny Ringo in our classic old mahogany color .  Movie rig is black. Final sale.
    • SIZE: 46" to Center Belt Hole
    • Holster fits a Peacemaker or clone .45 with a 4 3/4" barrel
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    Fancy Buscadero Ready to Ship Leather Holster Our Fancy Buscadero has loops all the way around, and the belt and holster have a distinctive border edging.  Comes with better buckle set.  The holster comes with hammer and leg tie downs.  Our signature Deadwood Brown color. Final sale.
    • COLOR: Deadwood brown
    • SIZE: 40-42" waist
    • Holster fits 45LC with a 7 1/2" barrel.
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    Trooper Holster Ready to Ship - A Threepersons style secure leather holster, hand made by the last best west Our Threepersons Trooper Leather Holster (shown in our classic antique brown color) is a no frills leather holster in the Threepersons style. The leather strap across the action of the revolver makes your six gun very secure, regardless where you take it. Final sale. Want a secure leather holster for your semi-auto? Click here for our Modern 1911 Leather Holster
    • Size: This holster fits a Colt Peacemaker .45LC or clone with a 4 3/4" barrel.
    • Color: Antique Brown.
    • Draw: Right Hand Strong Draw.
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    Leather Rifle Sling ready to ship with cartridge loops hand made by the last best west Designed specifically for lever action rifles or standard shotguns. Adjustable straps let you select the length of strap with 3 different settings. You can also adjust the width of the butt collar for your specific rifle. One size fits most. Comes with 12 cartridge loops. Final sale. Sling works well for both the Winchester Model 1892 Trapper (18 inch barrel), and the Winchester Model 1866 Yellowboy Sporting Rifle with a 24 1/2 inch barrel shown in the illustrations.
    • Color : Deadwood Brown
    • One size fits most
    • Cartridge loops: 12, 45cal
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    Threepersons Schofield Holster Ready to Ship hand made by the last best west Tom Threepersons was a law enforcement officer in El Paso, Texas, Sheriffs, and Police Departments, and several years of service fighting bootlegging along the Mexican border for the US Prohibition Service. He redesigned the belt holster in the 1920s into the world's first quick-draw holster. Final sale.
    • Color: Deadwood Brown
    • Size: holds a Schofield .45 with a 7" barrel
    • Draw: Right hand strong draw
    • Condition: Brand New
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    4 Corners Ready to Ship Fedora - Our Cavalry Fedora in 5X Silver Mist Size 7 3/8 We decided to put our own twist on a fedora, and imagined what an old west cavalry trooper might like to wear on furlough. Bowlers are certainly one choice, but we imagined something a little different.
    • Hatband: 2" Grosgrain ribbon and bow.
    • Crown: 4 corner cavalry
    • Brim: hand shaped Bound
    • Color: Silver Mist
    • 5X Longhair (frontier) Beaver fur felt
    • Size 7 3/8
    THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition. Final sale.
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    Big Heat Ready To Ship Fedora - 5X Granite in size 7 3/8 The Big Heat features great fedoras in almost every scene, and this is our take on the Dave Bannion hat.
    • Crown: 5" inches
    • Brim 2 3/4"
    • Hatband: 2" Black grosgrain ribbon and bow.
    • Crown: Fedora
    • Brim: Hand shaped snap brim, with front dip. Bound
    • Color: 5X Granite
    • Size: 7 3/8
    THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition. Final sale.
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    Line Dancer Ready to Ship Hat - Pure Beaver Size 7 3/8 In the early 1990s country music star, Garth Brooks, took his traditional country sound and mixed in pop music, and the popularity of country music soared. Clint Black, Alan Jackson, and the rest of Nashville rode shotgun and all of a sudden anything to do with the country or western lifestyle was in demand around the world.
        • CROWN: 4 1/4" Modified Canadian
        • BRIM: 4 3/4" Hand Curled and bound
        • Color: Sand
        • Hatband: 1″ satin ribbon w/bow.
        • Size 7 3/8 with Burgundy Hat Liner
    THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition. Final sale.
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    Blondie Sharpshooter Ready to Ship Movie Hat – A pure beaver fur-felt cowboy hat reproduction of the straw hat Clint Eastwood wears early on in the iconic western; The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly This great looking hat has an extra wide brim of 4 3/4″ to give excellent all weather protection.  Pure Beaver in a Large size 7 (a bit larger than our standard size 7)
    • Color: Bone
    • Crown: Telescope
    • Condition: New
    • Brim:1/2″ pencil roll and hand shaped–Bound
    • Hatband:1″ satin ribbon/with bow.
    • Pure (100%) Beaver
    • Size 7
    THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition.  Final sale.
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    This is the classic Bull Rider crown worn by those incredibly gutsy fellas that ride the bulls at the rodeo's all around the world. As opposed to the fellas who sling the bull!
    • Crown: Canadian
    • Color: Chocolate in 20X (50%) Beaver Fur Felt has light trail dust
    • Brim: Hand Curled and bound
    • Hatband:1″ satin ribbon w/bow. Contrasting pecan bound edge.
    • SIZE: 7 3/8
    THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in LIGHTLY used condition.  Final sale.
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    Winchester 73 ready to ship movie hat - Pure beaver (100X) in size 6 7/8 The Winchester Hat was one of the favorite cowboy hat styles of James Stewart's. This great looking cowboy movie hat has a modified Canadian shaped crown with a hand shaped brim with a bound edge. Final sale.
    • Crown 5 inches
    • Brim: 3 1/2"
    • Color : Sand.
    • Crown: Modified Canadian.
    • Brim: Hand Shaped-Bound.
    • Hatband: 1" Satin with Bow.
    • SIZE: 6 7/8
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    Weekender Ready to Ship Hat - 20X (50% Beaver) Chocolate Size 7 1/8 This stylish women’s hat is perfect for cool days enjoying the outdoors, watching the leaves fall and enjoying the crisp air. Or for a night on the town and dance the night away! Color: Chocolate in 20X beaver fur felt with matching grosgrain ribbon and bow. CROWN: 4 3/4 fedora style BRIM: 2 3/4″ inches SIZE: 7 1/8 THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in brand-new condition. Final sale.
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    Rigby Reardon Ready to Ship Fedora

    Rigby Reardon Ready to Ship Fedora – our version of the hat from Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. {1982} Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid may be the cleverest movie in the history of film. This was the first film that cut in classic film scenes and legendary film stars into the plot and dialogue of the story. Final sale.
    • Brim 2 3/4″ inches
    • Crown 5"
    • Hatband: 2″ Grosgrain ribbon and bow.
    • Crown: Fedora
    • Brim: Snap Brim, hand shaped Open
    • Color: Black in 5X Beaver Fur felt
    • Size 7 3/8
      THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition.
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    Afternoon Tea Ready to Ship Hat - Ladies in 5X Raspberry, Size 7 1/8 Our Afternoon Tea ladies sun hat and is bound to attract attention! Whether you are out in your garden, or sitting on the patio, our Afternoon Tea hat is perfect for a summer afternoon (or to brighten the gloomiest of winter nights)! Final sale. 5X (5%) beaver fur felt Color: RASPBERRY with a white1.5″ ribbon and bow. CROWN: 4 1/2" open BRIM: 3 1/2″ inches SIZE: 7 1/8 THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in new condition.
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    The Mick Ready to Ship Hat in Pure Beaver, Size 7 3/8 We named this hat Mick, because Mick from Rocky would feel right at home wearing this baby! Maybe we should have called it Punchy because this hat gives instant character.  You supply the attitude! 100X PECAN BEAVER FUR FELT Color: Pecan with a chocolate grosgrain ribbon. CROWN: 4 ″ BRIM: 2 1/8″ inches with a heavy pencil roll SIZE: 7 3/8 THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in brand-new condition. Final sale.
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    Captain Kirk Ready to Ship Hat Our Kirk Fedora is the hat William Shatner wore as Captain Kirk in the 1968 episode, A Piece of the Action. This episode from the original Star Trek series is one of our favorites! Plus the hats are great! Color Shown: Silver Mist in 5X beaver fur felt with royal blue 1 1/2″ inch grosgrain ribbon, and bow. CROWN: Fedora 5 1/4″ inches BRIM: 3 1/4″ inches snap brim style ROUGH BEAVER FUR-FELT: The roughest fur felt has more rabbit/hare in the hat body. The roughest look will be in 5X quality, and then 50X. 100X will be the least rough as it is pure beaver fur-felt. SIZE: 7 3/8 new THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in brand-new condition. Final sale.
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    Our Broadway Trilby Ready to Ship hat is a small-brimmed hat - brand new.

    Steppin’ out never looked so good!  Our Broadway Trilby is stylish and is the perfect accessory for stepping out to the Grammys, Oscars, or just your local tavern! Just ask Bruno Mars as this is one of his favorite hat styles. 100% beaver fur felt Color: NAVY BLUE with a matching 1.5″ inch matching grosgrain ribbon and bow. CROWN: 4 5/8″ inches trilby BRIM: 2 1/2″ inches pencil rolled SIZE: 7 1/8 THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in brand-new condition. Final sale.
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    Custer Hat - READY TO SHIP Civil War Cowboy Hat in Pure Beaver (100X) THIS IS A READY TO SHIP HAT in like-new condition.  Final sale.
    • Crown: 4" inches soft pecan top
    • Brim: 4 3/4"
    • Size: 7 1/2 Hand shaped, center right pushed up
    • 100X beaver fur felt
    • Color Shown: Rust with black bound edge
    • Hatband: 1" inch black Satin with 1898 Bow.
    • Black/Gold Cavalry Cord INCLUDED
    • INSIGNIA and cavalry cord included


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